2020 Candidate Unveils Plan to Strip Away American’s Rights – The Most Severe To Date

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg only recently entered the 2020 presidential race. But already he’s making a big splash. He recently unveiled his plan to “clamp down” on Americans’ gun rights. The one-time Republicans’ gun control plan is so severe, it makes Barack Obama look like a life-long NRA member.

It’s crazy to think that there are still people entering the 2020 race. But the Democratic field is so weak, they needed a few ringers. Not one of the frontrunners seems to have what it takes to win. Enter Bloomberg.

People might not remember that once upon a time, Michael Bloomberg was a Republican. He must have pretended to support the party just for the endorsement of exiting New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Soon after he entered office, however, he became an “Independent.” But his time as mayor of the Big Apple proved his values were far from conservative.

New Yorkers might remember his bizarre, nanny state-like policies. Perhaps his worst was his attempt to ban large sodas from being sold in the city. At the very least, he wanted a heavy tax on drinks larger than a thimble. It seems Bloomberg, like most Democrats, thinks it’s his job to decide how you should live. If you want to, say, exercise your freedom, he’ll hit you with a fine. Or worst, throw you in jail.

That insulting attitude continues. As a candidate for president, Bloomberg has released his plans to strip away your Second Amendment rights. Like most liberals, he wants severe limits on how you buy firearms and even who can own them, yet he knows little about the things. What’s even more concerning is—even though he’s an American—he seems to be following communist China’s lead on policy.

Speaking in Colorado, Bloomberg called for criminalizing transfers of firearms, increasing the age required to purchase firearms, a multi-day waiting period when purchasing firearms, unconstitutional red flag laws that allow the government to confiscate a person’s firearms without due process, and banning semi-automatic firearms.

Bloomberg also essentially proposed a national firearm registry by calling for a gun licensing system and universal background checks…

Bloomberg is also seemingly a fan of the Chinese Communist Party, which currently has millions of people locked up in concentration camps, has implemented a massive surveillance state, persecutes those who believe in God, and is oppressing pro-freedom protests in Hong Kong.

This is the same communist party in China that murdered tens of millions of its own citizens under Mao Zedong. [Source: Daily Wire]

That’s right. Bloomberg wants to implement sweeping new gun control laws that make it nearly impossible for regular Americans to acquire firearms.

It’s even more disturbing when you realize that he, like most liberals, doesn’t know the difference between a “semi-automatic” firearm and a “fully automatic” firearm. Like most gun-control advocates, he thinks an “assault rifle” is an actual term. He claims “an assault weapon, you basically hold it and it goes, [bang, bang, bang].” That’s far from true.

Not having a basic understanding of how guns work—and which ones Americans can buy—invalidates him. He has no right proposing massive gun control regulation, if he doesn’t even know what a fully auto firearm is.

What’s even more troubling is how this former New York mayor seems to fawn over the communist dictatorship in China. He has spoken fondly of Chinese oppressive leaders. He’s even claimed that China “listens” to its people, because they moved some power plants outside of the cities.

I guess Bloomberg is conveniently ignoring how China is oppressing Hong Kong or it’s infamous concentration camps. Both of those issues have compelled even House Democrats to vote against the country.

If Bloomberg were to become president, we would once again have a leader who strips away our rights. At the same time, he’d bow to China, giving them whatever they wanted. We’d see more jobs bleed away overseas, less economic competition, and more globalist policies dumped into our laps. Bloomberg would make sure every last America was babied and controlled by the nanny state.

As our freedom and opportunity vanished.

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