2020 Frontrunner Slammed by Rivals in Debate

Last night was yet another 2020 Democratic primary debate. A crowded stage of liberals fought for attention while bickering over their far-left agendas.

But the big target of the night was frontrunner Elizabeth Warren. Numerous Democrats slammed her biggest plan. In turn, she had no response.

It’s kind of scary that Democrats are considering Warren their frontrunner. This senator has little accomplishments to her name. Accomplishments that are good, of course. This was the woman who humiliated herself in a desperate bid to top Trump. She ended up exposing the fact that she lied about being a Cherokee all her life.

Yet today, according to many polls, she’s leading the 2020 Democratic field. Seems like there are more liberals who want her running than Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden.

Warren’s biggest campaign promise is Medicare for All. She wants to expand the government’s broken, burdensome healthcare program to cover all Americans. Her plan is to eliminate all private insurance providers (putting tens of thousands out of work) and force Americans to get on government health insurance.

The costs, of course, would be astronomical. But today, Warren still refuses to admit how she’ll pay for this plan. Her rivals grilled her over it last night during the Democratic debate. She had no answer.

“Look, this is why people here in the midwest are so frustrated with Washington in general and Capitol Hill in particular,” Buttigieg told Warren during the Democratic National Committee’s (DNC) primary debate in Westerville, Ohio. “Your signature, senator, is to have a plan for everything — except, this. No plan has been laid out to explain how a multi-trillion dollar hole in this Medicare for All plan that Senator Warren is putting forward is supposed to get filled in.”

…The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget forecast Sanders’ plan costing $28 trillion during the first 10 years, which is in the range of other estimates…

Sanders has conceded that a Medicare for All plan would raise Americans’ taxes, but he contends that the overall benefit of lower health care costs will compensate for the increase. Warren, however, has refused to admit that under her plan taxes will spike. [Source: Daily Wire]

Buttigieg called out Warren for still refusing to admit that her healthcare agenda would cause taxes to go sky-high. Sander’s Medicare for All plan would cost us $30 trillion dollars. He admits it would raise taxes. Warren can’t even cop to that.

Amy Klobuchar also dug into Warren, saying she isn’t being honest about who she’ll pay for her plan. Warren is using free healthcare as a carrot to win voters, but she refuses to acknowledge it will require a huge tax burden.

But the rest of the left’s plans aren’t much better. The “moderate” candidates still want to expand Medicare, allowing any American to enroll. How much do they think that will cost? They keep saying government-run healthcare would be free. But of course it isn’t. Instead of giving you the freedom to pay for an insurance plan you want, you’ll be forced to pay for an insurance plan you’ll hate.

And trust me, this won’t be a great plan. Government-run anything is always terrible. Under these candidates’ plans, you would be heavily taxed to pay for a healthcare program that would provide sub-par care.

Warren’s is the worst, because it would eliminate any alternatives and drive our health industry into the gutter. Americans would be taxed into oblivion, insurance employees would lose their jobs, and healthcare providers won’t earn enough to keep the lights on.

To this day, Warren ducks and dodges this question. She doesn’t want to admit her Medicare for All plan would be a terrible burden on our country.

Here’s an idea! Pass legislation that encourages competition among healthcare providers. Eliminate needless red tape that makes it harder for Americans to get insurance. Lower taxes so we have more money to pay for the things we need. Then we’ll see more and more Americans getting better healthcare.

Oh… isn’t that exactly what Trump is doing? Yep.

Maybe the Democrats should take a page out of his book?

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