3 More Democrats Make a Run For It As Ol’e Joe Sinks The Country

Three more Dems in the House have now joined the wave of retirements from congress, including an important centrist leader, as the midterms approach.

Stephanie Murphy, Dem representative from Florida’s 7th District, and the co-chair of the Blue Dog Coalition in the House, announced this Monday that she would not go for a fourth term, saying that she would spend more time with her family.

“These last few years were some of the best moments of my life, but also the most difficult. Public service is not without a personal sacrifice, and as a mother of two young children, my time away from them has been difficult. For them. For me. And for our family,” Murphy said in a video message to her official Twitter account announcing her choice.

Murphy stressed that she would not leave office out of “fear of not being reelected,” but because she supports a “citizen Congress,” and that she did not plan on making political office her lifelong career.

“I know this could come as a shock to some of you, for somebody to quote unquote ‘retire’ when they are my age from Congress — without any scandal or seeking higher office. I recognize this as a very rare thing for someone in Congress, but I strongly believe in a citizen Congress, where normal citizens run for office to search for duty and service, not for a career,” Murphy said.

Murphy’s retirement was also joined Monday by the retirement of Dem Representative Albio Sires, who is the representative of New Jersey’s 8th district. The Hill reported that Sires, who is a Cuban immigrant, is expected to formally report his plans before the new year. The Hill also said that Robert J. Menendez, the son of current Senator Bob Menendez, is now the front-runner to replace Sires.

Sires and Murphy are also joined by Dem Congressman Alan Lowenthal, who represents the 47th district in California.

The retirements of these three lawmakers brings the total number of Dem retirements to 21, with right under a year left until the midterms, according to the list compiled by Axios.

Author: Scott Dowdy