52 Arrest Warrants Issued For Democrats — Guess Which Ones?

Republican Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan officially approved the arrest warrants for 52 Democrats who would not show up for a new special session, thereby preventing the session from continuing.

As The Washington Post has said:

“Phelan spokesman Enrique Marquez reported that warrants were signed for 52 Dems who did not return during the fifth day of the new special session, leading to the chamber being eight members short of a quorum.”

The move by the Texas House Speaker comes after the Texas Supreme Court shot down a ruling on Tuesday “by a district judge that stopped them from ordering the arrest of these Democrats, who were in D.C., for around a month,” KXAN said. “Democrats who eventually would have gotten arrested would not be hit with criminal charges or fined or jailed. Law enforcement officers conducting arrests by state authorities could only try to bring them to the House itself.”

“The Texas Supreme Court swiftly shot down this dangerous attempt by Texas Dems to undermine our Constitution and not do their job which they were elected to do,” said Renae Eze, a spokesperson for Abbott. “We look forward to the Court protecting the law and stopping more stall tactics by the Texas Democrats.”

The warrants are thought to be delivered to to the Sergeant-at-arms this Wednesday morning.

“The 52 warrants represent all but 15 Dems in the House,” the Texas Tribune said. “There were at least 11 there on Tuesday. There were no new Democrats present Tuesday after four came back a day earlier — and got the wrath of some Dem colleagues still in DC, and prompted a new push within the group to hold their line.”

The Texas Dems left the state last month to travel to D.C., in a push to stop legitimate processes from being conducted by the state’s legislature due to them lacking the power to block some bills from passing.

The Democrats endured weeks of mocking after they traveled to the nation’s capitol, then tested positive for covid-19 after most of the members had been photographed not using a mask on private flights to DC.

Author: Steven Sinclaire