A New Poll Shows A Change In President Trump’s Favorability — And It’s Linked To The Economy

By Carlos Garcia March 19th, 2019 | Image Source: ABC News

It’s the best polling in decades

A new CNN poll may show a link between how Americans perceive the economy, and a small boost in the favorability ratings for President Donald Trump.

The poll says that 71 percent of Americans surveyed believe the economy is in good shape — the highest such percentage since 2001.

Slightly more than half of Americans believe the president is doing a good job with the economy (51 percent), and that has led to his favorability rating inching up to 42 percent.

The poll also has the president’s disapproval rating dropping to the lowest level in CNN polling since he entered the office: 52 percent.

40 percent say they approve of how Trump is handling foreign affairs, while 42 percent said they approve of how Trump handled taxes.

CNN noted that although Trump’s approval rating has improved, it is still among the lowest in modern presidential history, with Bill Clinton’s hitting 44 percent, and Ronald Reagan seeing 41 percent during his tenure.

The poll was conducted by SRSS for CNN and included surveying done between March 14 and 17.

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Author: Carlos Garcia

Source: Theblaze: A new poll shows a change in President Trump’s favorability — and it’s linked to the economy

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