Adam Schiff Rocked by New Challenger as Impeachment Continues

Democrat Adam Schiff is leading the charge for impeachment against Donald Trump. He’s spent plenty of time—and not to mention money—on his bogus inquiry. Meanwhile, he (and most other Democrats) neglects the district he represents. Now, an independent challenger is slamming the congressman over his state’s many problems.

Democrats really stepped on a hand grenade when they backed impeachment. The public hearings have wrapped up and polls indicate Americans are not on board. Some House Democrats are already suggesting they just censure the president rather than impeach him. But Adam Schiff has vowed to continue his investigation, no matter what.

Seems like he’s a man obsessed. Or just totally blind to what’s really going on in the country.

As Democrats waste tax dollars trying to accuse the president of a crime, Trump is doing good for the American people. I don’t have to tell you about how the economy is doing so well. Or how the stock market hit 100 records under Trump. Or how unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been for black Americans or women.

What has Adam Schiff done during his long time in Congress to help the needs of his own people?

According to someone from his own district, nothing. And she’s done watching Schiff ignore the people of California. So, she’s fighting to take his seat.

On Monday, Independent candidate for California’s 28th congressional district, Jennifer Barbosa, ripped into Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) for his focus on the expensive impeachment process while allegedly ignoring his own constituents in the 28th district…

“Since he became my congressman, he has not presented any legislation that has become law.”

Barbosa explained: “Seeing the impeachment inquiry, when he’s wasting all these resources – we know that Ken Starr’s impeachment cost about $70 million – that’s $70 million that really could be spent on much better things in our district.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Jennifer Barbosa is running as an independent for California’s 28th district, Adam Schiff’s district. She condemned the Democrat for spending so much time and money on the impeachment. Meanwhile, Los Angeles is overrun with homelessness.

Schiff and other Democrats from California have spent millions of federal funds to address the crisis. But it’s only gotten worse. They actually spend $500,000-$700,000 on each apartment for homeless people. Hmm… something tells me at those prices, somebody’s skimming off the top. Barbosa says that instead of wasting millions on housing that the homeless will never use, they need to focus on solutions to their immediate problems—like mental health.

It’s no secret that Los Angeles has become a shantytown for the homeless. Major streets are crowded with tents and box houses. Drug abuse is out of control. Rats are everywhere. They say that Medieval-era diseases have returned. This isn’t some third-world country, this is a city Adam Schiff is responsible for.

Yet instead of addressing this growing crisis, he whines about a phone call between Donald Trump and Ukraine.

Somebody should be impeached, but it isn’t Trump!

The only way Los Angeles, and the rest of California, will change is if the people strike back. They’ve been electing Democrats for years, giving the party a supermajority. And look what it’s gotten them. A state with the highest cost of living, taxes, and (unsurprisingly) poverty. Homelessness is everywhere. They are facing problems we haven’t seen for hundreds of years. All because leftists run the show.

Barbosa might be the first in a new breed of leaders that can clean up the state. She might actually turn things around for the better. But first, con men like Schiff need to be kicked to the curb. But there’s many more like him in Congress that need to go.

The good news? The longer they drag out this impeachment hoax, the worse it will be for them in 2020. Americans are outraged that Congress ignores real problems for this sham. And everyone who supports impeachment might not be around very soon. We can only hope.

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