After Biden Targets Their Son, These Parents Have The Perfect Comeback

Stu Scheller Sr. and Cathy Scheller, parents of Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller who was arrested after demanding accountability of the Afghanistan withdrawal failure, spoke out against the military’s decision to silence their son by throwing him in the brig.

During an interview with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, Cathy Scheller said that they don’t know what the charges are against their son, although Stu Scheller Sr. suggested that it was tied to his son’s decision to break a gag order that he was under.

“Probably a week or two ago, or maybe it was a week ago, they put him under a gag order. They took away his right to post, to talk on social media, to email, to text,” Stu Scheller Sr. said.

“He shared it with America. And he knew this weekend, when he posted again and he broke his silence, that they were probably going to arrest him on Monday. So, he is a very intelligent man. He understands what’s going to happen to him.”

“And I said last night on a program, Tucker, his crime was speaking truth to power, and power couldn’t handle it,” Stu Scheller Sr. continued. “I also said that while he broke chain of command, Austin, Milley, McKenzie, they broke the chain of trust and confidence in the American people. We’re mad, we’re mad as hell. And I’m asking the American people to find your voice. Stand up, demand accountability of your Congresspeople.”

“Ask for Lieutenant Scheller to be freed. In my opinion, of course, I’m dad, so it’s probably not fair, but I think he should receive his pension after 17 years of fighting for this country. I think he and his family should have their health benefits and VA benefits for the rest of their lives for the sacrifices he’s made.”

Cathy Scheller added, “And he needs to be out of solitary confinement in prison, where he is not allowed to call anyone or to have visitors.”

Stu Scheller Sr. stated that they have had minimal contact with their son during his imprisonment but that he wants to continue sharing his story with the country. “He is in prison tonight, Tucker. He’s been in prison since Monday. We talked to him for two minutes on Monday, and he gave us two messages. He said, call my attorney. And we did. And he said, tell everyone. And so we appreciate you having us on. We appreciate you allowing us to reach out to your listeners. Because this story is outrageous, and it needs to be told.”

Carlson stated, “This whole thing is so crazy. It’s hard to believe. … I’m sorry about your suffering. And we’re going to be covering this wherever it leads.”

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer also spoke out against the jailing of Lt. Scheller, arguing that military leadership has become far too political.

Meyer stated, “I don’t understand what grounds that the military has put him in the brig for. But I mean, this is what the military does. What it tells me, though, is that either that they’re worried about what this guy’s going to say – I just don’t think that, I just don’t think that this is the right way to handle this. I mean, I think that, look, if this man wants answers, this man came out and literally asked the same questions that all of us are asking. And I just think this is a terrible move.”

“I don’t – I just don’t understand what we don’t know yet of what regards did they think that this was going to be a smart move to put this man behind bars… To me, in my opinion, it just shows me that our military leadership has gotten so political and that with the left, they feel so empowered that they feel they can do whatever they want and they’re not going to be held accountable on it, which is what we’re seeing with the top generals right now. So why would they think any different? But I don’t think this is a smart move for them. And I think this is really going to come back and get them.”

Author: Dunn Harvey