After City Defunds Police – Chief Makes Bombshell Announcement

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The Seattle City Council has gone full tilt to the left, officially voting on Monday to defund their police – forcing the resignation of fed-up Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best.

The vote by the radical-left city council strips the police department of millions of dollars in crucial funding.

News broke around 9 p.m. PST that Best was expected to resign tomorrow and about 30 minutes later she had reportedly submitted her letter of resignation to the Seattle Police Department.

Best has been very vocal about her opposition to these cuts which will directly handicap the city’s police department in their efforts to keep residents safe.

“Chief Best has been an outspoken critic of the council’s plans to cut SPD’s budget, citing concerns over public safety in a scenario where the department is forced to lose personnel,” KIRO radio reported. “She has served as SPD’s police chief since 2018, after moving through the ranks as an officer, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, and deputy chief.”

Local Fox reporter Brandi Kruse confirmed the reports that Best had submitted her resignation, writing that “Seattle Police Chief @CarmenBest is going to resign, two sources familiar with her decision confirm. The announcement is imminent, I’m told. There is an 11am presser scheduled for tomorrow with the Mayor. Unclear if announcement will take place then.”

Seattle’s City Council is well aware of Best’s opposition to the incoming cuts – and apparently attempted to make her pay for going against the leftist mob by targeting her specifically with a 40% pay cut.

“Chief Best has been vocal in her opposition to those cuts, and told me in an interview today that she felt targeted by a “punitive” proposal to cut her pay by 40%: ‘I do feel like it’s … animus toward me specifically,” Kruse further reported.

”Chief Carmen Best is the first black woman to lead the @SeattlePD. She is well respected by the rank and file, as well as community leaders. Seattle’s political and activist class will have to own this.”

Best is no stranger to being targeted by the radical left. Earlier this month, aggressive far-left “activists” went after her at her home for opposing the cuts.

Best responded by prompting City Council to stand up to the “mob rule.”

“I wanted to update you on recent events, particularly those that occurred late last night,” Best wrote in a letter addressed to City Council President Lorena González and Public Safety Chair Lisa Herbold.

“A residence of mine in Snohomish County was targeted by a large group of aggressive protestors late last night. My neighbors were concerned by such a large group, but they were successful in ensuring the crowd was not able to trespass or engage in other illegal behavior in the area, despite repeated attempts to do so. Currently, the local sheriff (not SPD resources) is monitoring the situation.”

“I urge both of you, and the entire council, to stand up for what is right. These direct actions against elected officials, and especially civil servants like myself, are out of line with and go against every democratic principle that guides our nation,” Best continued.

“Before this devolves into the new way of doing business by mob rule here in Seattle, and across the nation, elected officials like you must forcefully call for the end of these tactics.”

The multimillion dollar budget cuts will be a huge detriment to the Seattle Police Department, eliminating approximately 100 officers from a force which currently consists of only 1400.

It would also directly remove officers from the 911 call center, cut wages for officers, and restrict the department’s ability to recruit new officers.

Should these types of cuts become a recurring theme across the country – the U.S. would be in grave danger.

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