After Trump-Supporting Democrat Gets Mobbed — His Bold Statement To Media Goes Viral

By Carly Ortiz-Lytle September 1st, 2020 | Image Source: Washington Examiner

Georgia state Rep. Vernon Jones accused the “liberal media” of ignoring the attacks on him and other guests while leaving President Trump’s Republican National Convention nomination acceptance speech.

“Where is the liberal media? Why haven’t they reached out to me and the others and allowed us to share our experiences of the threats that we experienced so the American people can see first hand what happened? But they won’t because they support, with the Democrats and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, destruction of our cities.” Jones said in a video posted to social media.

Sitting in front of a backdrop that read “Democrats Failed Blacks,” Jones said that he was met by a “violent mob” of Democrats, Black Lives Matter and antifa, and supporters of Biden and Harris.

“They want to see it demolished so they can blame it on Donald Trump. If this had been the other way around, and Biden supporters were attacked by Trump supporters, it would have been all over the network.”

Several Trump supporters leaving the president’s speech at the White House, including Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, were surrounded by protesters Thursday night. Paul said he was in fear for his life during the incident and thanked police for protecting him. The senator called on the FBI to investigate the “organized interstate racket.”

Jones, a Democrat who has publicly backed Trump, slammed the media for describing the protests erupting around the United States as “peaceful,” arguing the narrative was “foolishness.”

“My life was threatened, and others’ lives were threatened. And when I hear that foolishness from the liberal media that it was ‘mostly peaceful!’ Where in the hell were they when my life was threatened?”

Jones has called for a congressional investigation into the mobbing and for senior Democratic Party leaders, including Biden, Harris, and Nancy Pelosi, to publicly condemn the incident.

Author: Carly Ortiz-Lytle

Source: Washington Examiner: Vernon Jones accuses ‘liberal media’ of supporting ‘violent mob’ that attacked him and other Trump supporters

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