After Witnessing Total Destruction – Trump Vows To Take Over

Mandel Ngan / AFP via Getty Images

President Trump on Tuesday visited a city destroyed by Democrat backed terror groups – while vowing to help devastated Americans rebuild their livelihoods.

During the president’s visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin he toured numerous destroyed structures, including one completely burnt down building.

With Attorney General William Barr and acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf by his side, the president spoke with 6 residents who lost their businesses during the riots, as well as local law enforcement.

The president slammed the rioting and looting that took place in Kenosha and announced $4 million to support local businesses affected by the destruction.

“We’re going to get it fixed up, we’re going to help people rebuild their businesses in Kenosha…we’re getting it straightened out,” Trump told reporters as he began his trip.

The president also awarded an extra $1 million to Kenosha law enforcement saying it is, “so you have extra money to go out and do what you have to do.” Another $42 million was announced to support statewide public safety which includes support for law enforcement and prosecutors.

“Kenosha been ravaged by anti-police and anti-American riots,” he said at a roundtable with law enforcement and business owners after also visiting an emergency operations center.

“These are not acts of peaceful protests, but domestic terror,” he added.

“To stop the political violence we must also confront the radical ideology that includes this violence. Reckless far-left politicians continue to push the destructive message that our nation and our law enforcement are oppressive or racist — they’ll throw out any word that comes to them,” he said at the roundtable.

Trump added during that cops are put under “tremendous pressure.”

“They have a quarter of a second to make a decision, and if they make a wrong decision one way or another, they’re either dead, or they’re in big trouble — and people have to understand that,” he said.

Trump’s visit comes as the Democrats have time and time again failed to condemn the violence seen in many of these “social justice protests,” often times even choosing to pretend there is no violence at all.

The president has used this to his advantage and has become the candidate for “law and order,” helping him gain ground even with Democrat voters who now fear that Joe Biden doesn’t have what it takes to stop this sort of violence from coming to their city.

Trump has repeatedly warned that the unrest, occurring in Democratic-run cities, will only intensify if Biden is elected in November.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers objected to President Trump’s visit beforehand, claiming that his presence “will only hinder our healing.”

“I am concerned your presence will only delay our work to overcome division and move forward together,” he said in a letter to Trump ahead of the visit.

Evers, however, is largely responsible for a fatal shooting that occurred last weekend after he failed to deploy national guard in a timely manner.

After 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse was in Kenosha cleaning graffiti from buildings and protecting them from being further destroyed, the violent leftist mob went after him, forcing him to discharge his weapon in self-defense, allegedly killing two and injuring another.

Following the shooting, President Trump again pressured Evers to deploy National Guard which he did and the situation in Kenosha has since settled down. President Trump said that if more troubled states followed suit, the nationwide riots would quickly be handled.

“The Violence stopped six days ago, the moment the Guard entered the picture,” he tweeted Tuesday morning. He said in Kenosha that if more states would deploy the National Guard, “it would all over very very quickly.”

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