AG Barr Officially Ends Russian Hoax, Trump Responds

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

At the end of March, Attorney General William Barr released a report summarizing the Mueller probe. He declared the Russian witch hunt found no evidence of collusion or obstruction by President Trump. This week, he further proved this during a press conference and by releasing Mueller’s long-awaited report. Trump celebrated the news in classic fashion, by driving the left crazy.

Anyone with common sense knows that Trump never colluded with Russia. As unexpected and unprecedented as the 2016 Election was, we never saw any hint that Donald Trump was doing Russia’s bidding. This lie was invented right before he entered office, as a way to slander a man who truly wanted to put America first.

Democrats have pushed this lie as reason to impeach and remove Trump from office. Yet as the Mueller probe went on—year after year—there wasn’t a shred of news that suggested Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election.

If you watched most of the news, of course, you’d be confused. The clowns in the fake news have twisted rumors and speculation as fact. But if you follow real news, you know there was never a shadow of doubt that Trump was innocent.

This week, Attorney General Barr spoke to the press, making it very clear that Mueller found no evidence that proved Trump’s campaign—or any American—willingly worked with Russia to undermine our election. He then released Mueller’s report to the public. The left’s dreams of destroying Trump were officially dashed. Patriots everywhere have reason to celebrate.

President Trump himself celebrated. While speaking at a Wounded Warriors event, he mentioned Barr’s press conference and the news of “no collusion, no obstruction.” Those attending cheered.

After drawing attention to some of the distinguish guests, including a couple of congressmen, Trump said, “They’re having a good day — I’m having a good day, too,” a comment that drew a few laughs. “It was called ‘No collusion, no obstruction.'”

The room broke into cheers and applause, some of the wounded warriors joining in. After the room quieted down, Trump added, “There never was, by the way, and there never will be.” [Source: Daily Wire]

But Trump took it even farther. As Barr was revealing the findings of the Mueller probe, crushing the left’s schemes entirely, Trump posted a wonderful new meme on Twitter.

Oh, you can imagine how liberals reacted to this online. Their biggest attempt at taking down Trump—the Russian hoax—has just gone up in flames. President Trump is not only vindicated, but he now appears the victim of a coordinated attempt by the media and the D.C. elite to disrupt his administration.

Every last politician, news reporter, and pundit who pushed the Russian lie now looks like an enemy of the people. They are not only embarrassed, but exposed as frauds. On top of that, Trump is rubbing it in their faces with a mean styled after one of their most favorite distractions, tv show Game of Thrones.

Reponses to this meme ranged from half-hearted jabs to outright panic.

“PRO-TIP: Innocent people don’t need memes,” Judd Legum tweeted.

“What in the HOLY F%&K is this?!? How is this the president of the United States? How is this real freaking life right now! There are not enough martini’s in the world to make this make sense,” Danielle Moodie-Mills tweeted…

“The president wastes no time borrowing HBO’s font to issue a divisive 2020 campaign message,” Christina Wilkie tweeted.

“In Trump’s corrupt mind, the ‘game’ is over before we even get to see the complete results. Anybody who falls for this is an idiot or an accomplice,” Keith Boykin tweeted. [Source: Daily Wire]

Ah, the bitter, salty responses of corrupt con artists whose schemes were finally undone. For over two years, blind leftists have believed that Trump was a traitor who stole our democracy. This was based on nothing but what our corrupt fake news told them.

They refused to accept that millions of Americans voted for a man who wanted to make America great again. They swallowed a lie because they are so childish, pathetic, and immature, they couldn’t accept reality.

Sorry liberals, but safe spaces don’t exist in real life. You better learn how to face the facts. Especially when Trump wins again in 2020.

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