America Doesn’t Trust Biden – And Now He Knows It

A new poll reveals the truth about American’s current perception of Joe Biden – the president who supposedly received the most votes in American history – and it’s not looking good for the old Democrat.

According to a new Quinnipiac poll only 29% of Americans approve of how Biden is handling the “situation at the Mexican border.” Another 55% of Americans disapprove of his handling.

Biden’s border handling is one particularly disastrous area of his presidency given that overall, he has a 48% approval rating.

Quinnipiac University polling analyst Tim Malloy said that Biden is facing the same problems at the southern border that former President Donald Trump faced, though Malloy fails to mention that traffic at the border has increased significantly since Biden was inaugurated.

“Though he gets generally positive numbers on his domestic strides as he nears his first 100 days in office, the president is confronting the same political quagmire south of the border that bedeviled his predecessor,” Malloy said. “The border with Mexico, and the people trying to cross it, loom as a familiar crisis.”

The difference is that Trump had cleaned up the border and Biden has singlehandedly created a crisis in just a matter of months by ending a number of effective Trump border policies and essentially encouraging illegal immigrants to come.

The U.S.-Mexico border is experiencing the highest migration surge since 2001. According to enforcement statistics from Customs and Border Protection (CBP), as of March 2021, CBP agents interacted with 551,614 migrants.

In the entire fiscal year of 2020, the U.S.-Mexico border saw 405,036 migrants cross the border.

In the month of March, CBP agents also saw a dramatic uptick in drug trafficking over the southern border. CBP data claims that there were 4,089 pounds of drugs being smuggled over the border in March. In comparison, over the past six months, the second-highest amount of drugs apprehended was 2,979 pounds.

Biden campaigned on ending the construction of Trump’s border wall and opening the southern border for increased migration. Now, however, the desperate administration is backtracking on promises to halt construction of the border wall.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said that the administration is now considering filling the “gaps in the wall” at the border, despite aggressively condemning the notion of a border wall under Trump.

The administration also refuses to say the word “crisis” and has instead dubbed what is happening at the border a “challenge.”

Biden’s border “challenge” has ended up being a massive cash pit with Biden attempting to use American taxpayer dollars as a band-aid for the disaster he has unleashed.

According to Business Insider, Biden is spending $86.9 million on hotel rooms for migrants. The administration has unveiled further spending plans in its “discretionary funding request” submitted Friday, April 9. The funding request seeks $1.5 trillion — billion of which will be used to house and resettle migrants.

The loudest criticism of the Biden administration’s failure on the immigration crisis is Biden and Vice President, border czar Kamala Harris’s unwillingness to visit the border. Following the criticism, Harris announced that she plans to visit Guatemala and Mexico to trace the “root causes” of the immigration crisis, though she has no plans to travel to the U.S.-Mexico border.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki attempted to deflect and go after the Republicans – per usual – saying that they “need more to do” instead of spending time attacking Vice President Kamala Harris for avoiding the southern border.

“Republicans have been quite critical of the vice president,” a reporter noted during the White House daily briefing. “I’ve seen that, and they need more to do, I think,” Psaki interjected.

House Republicans at their press conference Wednesday brought out a milk carton adorned with the vice president’s face, and “Missing at the border” written.

Democrats have claimed that Harris’ role at the border is intended to be more of a “diplomatic” one. Still, Republicans have said Harris needs to see for herself what is going on at the border to know how to address it.

Author: Kevin North

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