Americans Tell Biden What They Really Think About His EOs

A poll done by Morning Consult yesterday found that from the countless executive orders enacted by President Biden in the first days of his term, the orders relating to immigration were hated the most by Americans.

This is important proof of America’s reaction to Biden’s mass-immigration agenda. Which is the polar opposite of what former President Trump supported when he was in office.

The poll revealed that 48 percent of people oppose increasing the refugee limit to 125,000 per year. With the EO ranking in last place out of Biden’s 28 orders.

Just 45 percent of voters support allowing illegals into the census, and 46 percent agree with stopping Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, and right under 50 percent support stopping the travel ban imposed on certain middle eastern nations.

The only immigration-related EO that received over 50 percent was Biden’s order to stop border wall construction, with 51 percent approval. This same survey found Biden’s most popular EOs being related to masks and coronavirus.

The poll’s results are directly aligned with how Trump won the election in 2016, with a focus on border security and deportations.

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