Americans Tune Out Phony Impeachment Trial

Democrats love forcing their agendas. And those agendas almost never match America’s real values.

As the nation suffered through the pandemic, they slowed down relief payments and DNC governors prolonged lockdowns, hurting businesses and families.

Now, with Joe Biden in town, you’d think they would be getting to work at solving problems, right? Nope, they are going full speed ahead with their impeachment trial of someone who is already out of office.

Do they believe most Americans are on board with this agenda? Maybe. But they will absolutely ignore this new Rasmussen report.

A new report from Rasmussen reveals a national survey found only 11% of voters believe it is very likely Trump will get convicted of “high crimes.”

… Only 15% said they’ll watch the entire impeachment trial, and 21% said they would watch most of it.

This gives a look into what Americans think of this second fake impeachment. Only a tiny number of them believe Democrats will succeed against Trump, just 11%.

Worse for Democrats, just 15% of voters will even say they will watch the entire thing. We wouldn’t be surprised if even most of those people change their mind. After all, there are whole seasons of Extreme Hoarders to watch!

All of this makes it clear that Americans are not in-tune with this sham. But does that cause Democrats to dismiss it and get to work on national problems? Nope.

As they have proven, time and time again, the last thing they care for is putting America first.

They instead want to destroy any trace of Trump—both in government and in the public’s eye. Then they want to force a radical agenda of climate extremism, anti-white policies, and globalist-backed job killing. Way down at their bottom priority is worrying about Americans’ well-being.

Everyone sees how pointless impeachment is. Meanwhile, many Americans are suffering from coronavirus and lockdowns. When will Democrats start working to confront our real problems, the way they work so hard for this impeachment?

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