America’s Cops Threaten Revenge If Vaccines Are Mandated

The largest New York Police Dept. labor union privately informed members it would sue the city if officers were mandated to get a covid vaccine, the NY Post reported.

“If the City tries to impose a mandate on our members, we will take legal actions to defend them in making such personal medical choices,” Police Benevolent Assc. President Patrick Lynch said.

The PBA, which is a group that represents 24,000 NYPD officers, is the newest labor union to take issues with the city’s plans for forcing vaccination among public workers. Unions — such as the Emergency Medical Service workers union — have hit back against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s mandate that all city employees get vaccinated and his threat about “very tough” consequences for the people who don’t.

De Blasio said that all of the around 400,000 New York City employees would soon require proof of vaccination or to get tested for covid virus weekly during his interview this July. He added that people who refuse the vaccine are “undermining” New York’s future.

Earlier this week, De Blasio said that all 148,000 teachers and staff members must be at least partially vaccinated by September 27 and could not choose to do weekly covid tests instead. But top teachers unions said they had not yet agreed to this mandate.

“While the city is giving its legal authority to give this mandate, there are many details, including measures for medical exceptions, that by law should be negotiated with unions like the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) among other groups, and if needed, resolved by arbitration,” UFT President Mulgrew said in a comment following de Blasio’s statement.

The Council of School Supervisors & Administrators also pushed the city to negotiate about the “specifics of the policy” with it and other top unions.

“As of this writing, the City has not shown whether it will try to impose vaccine mandates on other city employees, including police,” Lynch, the PBA president, said this Wednesday, according to the NY Post.

This comes at a time when the American Armed Forces are also conducting forced vaccinations among all service members.

Author: Steven Sinclaire