America’s Military Hid A Chinese Defector From Biden — Guess Why?

Sources within the intel. community are reporting that a high-ranking Chinese defector has worked for months with the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). According to the sources, that defector says he or she has direct knowledge of Chinese weapons programs—including bioweapons.

It was first reported on Thursday that “the greater pressure on China is because of a defector with close knowledge” of the program. According to these reports, FBI director Christopher Wray “was not told right away because agents wanted to ensure they got everything they required before telling him.”

Wray was “ambushed” with the news along with the CIA. “Sources reveal that the DIA leadership hid the defector inside their Clandestine Services to stop Langley and Biden’s State Department from reaching the defector, whose existence was hidden from other agencies because the DIA thinks there are Chinese agents within the CIA, FBI, and other agencies,” according to this report.

Why was this defector so crucial that he was kept hidden?

It is because the defector had information on the source of the Wuhan virus: “China is attempting to create variants that point toward the virus coming from bats to cover up the fact that the virus originally came from a Chinese lab.”

According to the sources, “the DIA has had the defector for three months” and he or she has given “an extensive and detailed debrief to government officials.”

“In the DIA’s research, the info given by the defector seems legitimate,” says the report. “Sources reveal that the confidence in the defector’s details is what has caused a sudden decrease in confidence in Dr. Fauci, adding that Army Medical Research Institute staff corroborated the very technical information given by the defector.”

If China did purposefully unleash covid as the largest bioweapon ever used—it would possibly lead to WW3. If the CIA and FBI are swarming with Chinese spies, it would mean the largest national security failure in American history—and the deadliest. Both have implications that are horrifying.

Author: Scott Dowdy