Another Mail-In Voting Catastrophe Exposes Danger For 2020 Election

Photo Via Blair Guild / The Washington Post

Yet another example displaying potential failure of mail-in voting has presented itself — furthering the argument that this could absolutely destroy a free America as we know it.

During the Democratic primary race to determine who would go on to face off with President Trump, the mail-in ballots of more than 84,000 New York City Democrats were disqualified for various reasons according to new figures released by the Board of Elections.

The city BOE received 403,103 mail-in ballots for the June 23 Democratic presidential primary. But the certified results released Wednesday revealed that only 318,995 mail-in ballots were counted.

That means 84,108 ballots were not counted or invalidated — 21 percent of the total.

Nearly one out of four mail-in ballots were disqualified for arriving late, lacking a postmark, or failing to include a voter’s signature.

The New York Post reported Tuesday that roughly 30,000 mail-in ballots were invalidated in Brooklyn alone.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order to make it easier to vote by mail-in or absentee ballot. The state also footed the bill by providing pre-paid envelopes for voters to mail the ballots. But this forceful push for mail-in voting only exacerbated the potential risk involved with using this as a voting method.

“A 26 percent invalidation rate is astounding. It’s very troubling,” said Arthur Schwartz, who represented several candidates in a federal lawsuit claiming voters were disenfranchised over the BOE and Postal Service’s handling of ballots.

A federal judge ruled Monday that thousands of voters were disenfranchised because of the tardy mailing and processing of the ballots.

The mess included votes not being counted because the pre-paid ballot envelopes were not postmarked.

Doug Kellner, co-chair of the state Board of Elections, agreed with the criticism.

“The invalidation rate is higher than I would have predicted,” Kellner told The Post.

Meanwhile, the embattled BOE found itself mired in controversy again after emails obtained by The Post show the agency blew off Kellner, who proposed reforms to prevent another absentee balloting nightmare in November.

His six-page proposal urged city BOE officials to ensure proper staffing at polling places during the November election to ensure lines are no longer than 30 minutes; to tally absentee ballots more quickly than the six weeks it took to certify results from the primary; and to plan for processing “double or triple” the number of absentee applications.

“Add new capacity to process the applications in a timely manner now. Do not wait for a backlog from which you can never recover,” Kellner said.

City lawyers admitted in Manhattan federal court last week that they were still mailing absentee ballots the day before the June primary, leaving little chance they could reach voters in time.

Kellner’s memorandum even suggested that city election administrators should apologize for the mess.

“To those voters who did not have an opportunity to cast their ballots in the primary election, we should apologize for not doing more,” he wrote.

“Elected officials and others warned that we were not deploying sufficient resources to mail out absentee ballots in a timely manner, and in hindsight, we could have done more to address the problem.”

These types of issues are certainly not unique to NYC however, and they could severely disrupt the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

In Nevada, a stunning 223,000 Las Vegas ballots went to the wrong address in the June primary which accounted for 17 percent of the vote.

Nevada decided to move forward with their push for mail-in voting anyways choosing to ignore the flaws behind it.

President Trump is fighting back, however.

Earlier this week the Trump campaign and the Republican National state and national committees filed a lawsuit against Nevada over the state’s plans to expand mail-in voting for the presidential election.

“Republicans have always supported efforts to make it easier for voters to cast their ballot,” the lawsuit, filed in a district court against Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske, said.

“At the same time, however, the electoral process cannot function properly if it lacks integrity and results in chaos. Put simply, the American people must be able to trust that the result is the product of a free and fair election.”

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