Another Twist In General Milley’s Treason Leads To More Suspects

There is a new twist to the news about the treason of General Mark Milley and his contacts with a Chinese General that have raised more concern.

As we previously wrote about, it is very terrible for Milley to contact Chinese officials without it being at the command of Trump and the reporting said it clearly was not.

Now Josh Rogin and Axios, who is among the few good journalists at The Washington Post, are alleging some very interesting information.

Axios reports that there were two calls from General Milley — one being on October 30 and another on Jan. 8. But there was also a discussion with the Chinese initiated by Sec. of Defense Mark Esper, that went from the lower levels to the Chinese officials because of concerns that the Chinese were getting bad information about our plans. Esper directed his office to give a backchannel message to these Chinese officials to reassure them the United States had no desire for military confrontation. That the Milley phone call later in Oct. was actually a follow-up to these backchannel messages. The report states that it was not certain that Trump was ever informed or knew about these messages.

So there is a lot being said here. And unless it is requested by the president, these kind of calls are very improper. The call on January 8th, especially, to high level people in China, is Milley going rogue because he does not have the ability to conduct foreign policy. It just means that we now have to add Mark Esper to the group who might have made improper moves and must answer for their actions. It is not the responsibility of the Sec. of Defense to perform any foreign policy agreements or plans.

But there is one other problem here. Esper was not even Sec. of Defense on Jan. 8 — he was fired back in Nov. 2020 and replaced by Christopher Miller. So how was Milley operating? It was not from Trump or Esper.

It also means that if this story is accurate, the Democrats lose their crazy excuse about this all being about Jan. 6 and the election. It had nothing to do with that but with attempting to get around Trump, without any so-called “justification.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire