Anti-Biden Chant Leads To a New Cryptocurrency

Despite approving the deal in a letter, NASCAR is now telling Brandon Brown that his LGBcoin sponsorship deal needs to be reviewed at a “higher level,” according to a recently released report.

NASCAR gave Brandon’s team approval to start the sponsorship with LGBcoin on Dec. 26. Still, CNN reported that Brown’s team spokesman, Max Marcucci, claimed that Brown received a new letter apologizing for all “miscommunication and confusion” and telling them that the sponsorship “needs to be reviewed by someone at a higher level.”

LGBcoin published a statement in Dec. lauding the new deal.

“We are thrilled to be partners with Brandon Brown and Brandonbilt Motorsports for the upcoming 2022 NASCAR season,” James Koutoulas, said. “Brandon isn’t only an amazingly talented driver, but he is also a thoughtful individual who is wise beyond his years. His singular focus and commitment on his profession is really inspiring and Brandon’s personal story is one that we should all be proud of. It is an American story of perseverance and success. Brandon Brown is truly America’s Driver.”

“We are proud to support Brandon Brown this season, to help him with continuing his American dream,” Koutoulas said. “If we do our jobs right, when you hear the chant, ‘Let’s Go, Brandon,’ you will feel and think, ‘Let’s Go America.’”

Brown also tweeted about the sponsorship and showed off his car’s new paint scheme:

Koutoulas was actually correct to think the deal had been approved. Indeed, the NASCAR approval letter in December was “unambiguous” and stated, “The sponsors have been approved.”

But now, a spokesman from NASCAR is saying that the December 26 letter “jumped the gun.”

NASCAR’s about-face runs “counter to what is fact of the situation,” Marcucci stated.

The chant, “Let’s go, Brandon,” has quickly become a mainstay chant along with the chant, “F*ck Joe Biden.” Both of these chants have been popular at any event where there have been large numbers of Americans gathered since the start of the college football season last year.

The LGB chants went national in Oct. after NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast falsely said that a crowd of NASCAR fans were shouting “Let’s Go Brandon” after a victory by Brandon Brown. But the chanting crowd were clearly shouting, “F*ck Joe Biden!”

Author: Blake Ambrose