Anti-Trump Republican Has Nowhere Left To Run

It is increasingly seeming like GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney (WY), who former President Trump has described as the “most quoted GOP member in history by Democrats,” will be removed from her seat.

This comment from Trump comes after he met with two of Cheney’s primary challengers, Cheyenne businessman Darin Smith and Wyoming House Congressman Chuck Gray, according to The Washington Examiner.

The comment from Trump reveals his preference that Cheney only get one primary challenger, so that it is easier for her to lose. It’s worth mentioning that Wyoming has open primaries, so Dems and Independents can vote in the GOP primary.

In polling data, only 23% of regular primary GOPers plan to vote for Cheney, 77% said they won’t.

Also, in a McLaughlin & Associates poll, 53% described her as being liberal, and only 26% said she was conservative.

Polling from two GOP challengers shows that she is in trouble. Both reveal she lacks the support of 7 in 10 GOP primary voters.

In a complete six-person race, Cheney was 23%, Gray and Bouchard were 17%, Smith was 7%, and 30% are saying they are undecided.

On the other hand, a three-person election showed Cheney, Gray, and Smith, with Gray coming out on top with 25%, Cheney with 22%, and Smith with 13.7%.

In the two-way race, that Trump wants, Gray would defeat Cheney 63% to 24%. Smith would also defeat her, 54% to 22%.

A Trump endorsement would help Gray to reach that 66%.

McLaughlin said Donald Trump had a 79% approval rating in the state of Wyoming, a state he easily won against President Biden last year.

Cheney is a largely mocked figure among Republicans now, with many seeing her as a RINO and traitor who is against deportations and wants open borders. In May she was removed from her leadership position as the House GOP Conference Chair and replaced by Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (NY).

Shortly after her removal, polls were published confirming that GOP respondents overwhelmingly wanted her completely gone. A poll from CBS was especially illustrative, which revealed by 80-20 percent respondents liked that Cheney removed.

Author: Scott Dowdy