Anti-Trump Women’s March Gets Some Bad News–From Their Own Supporters

The so-called “Women’s March”—an anti-Trump, far-left feminist movement—has been holding nation-wide events in January since 2017. This group claims to represent women of all backgrounds and is part of the opposition to the Trump administration. But it seems like years of controversy, radical ideas, and growing prosperity (thanks to Trump) have hurt this socialist organization. Because this year’s march wasn’t so great.

The Women’s March formed right after Donald Trump was elected president. Before he even entered office and enacted a single policy, they were protesting him. Their first big event was held the day after his Inauguration. Millions of angry Democrat women marched in D.C. (and other cities) famously wearing their idiotic pink hats.

These liberals were outraged that Americans elected a “sexist” man to the White House. Even though he had yet to do anything as president to object over. And, if we’re being honest, none of his plans singled out women or showed his intent to hurt women’s progress. So, the movement had to fold in other, far-left groups—like pro-illegal immigration and Islamists.

After that first big year, the Women’s March hit a bit of a rough patch. Numerous founders were outed as anti-Semitic radicals. The group kept getting bad press for their embracing of formerly convicted terrorists. They were hostile to their own members. Some women were discriminated against and not even allowed to march.

Then there’s the fact that Donald Trump has been doing great things for American women. Bucking their predictions, Trump’s administration has helped women in numerous ways. Unemployment for women has hit historic lows. In fact, more women are working and succeeding today than at any other time in our nation’s history. Trump’s administration is working to improve the conditions of working mothers, including extending maternity time.

It’s a very good time to be a woman in America, right now. Perhaps that’s why the Women’s March is watching their ranks dwindle into nothing.

The fourth annual Women’s March took place on Saturday, but attendance was way down, according to reports, as interest in the march has flagged and the Women’s March organization is dogged with problems.

Carmen Perez, the only Women’s March “co-founder” left at the group after a purge of organizers earlier this year stemming from allegations of anti-Semitism within the Women’s March’s ranks, told USA Today that she hoped to see a re-energized group of marchers, but it doesn’t seem her hopes materialized…

‘The crowd estimator pegged nationwide participation in the 650-plus sister marches that day [in 2016] at 3.3 million-5.3 million, making it the largest single-day protest in U.S. history. Those figures dwindled to 1.9 million-2.6 million in 2018 and 676,000-747,000 in 2019.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Ouch. Looks like women can’t participate in this march anymore, because they’re too busy making money and having a great life.

In L.A.—a major hub for the group—there weren’t enough people to fill a city park. In D.C., which held the main event, there were barely enough people to require the cops to rope off a city block.

I guess people are getting tired of protesting over nothing. Ever since Trump entered office, the far-left has been protesting nearly every week. Yet they’ve accomplished nothing. Trump is succeeding for Americans, despite their opposition. Even their impeachment agenda is failing.

Something tells me that women are seeing this “Women’s March” as a big waste of time. The group itself was run by far-left radicals, who did not have America’s best interests in mind. It wasn’t about helping women thrive, but opposing a president doing good for women.

With a booming economy, I’m willing to bet that even liberal women have seen the light. There is more opportunity for women than ever before. Jobs are flooding the country and wages are rising. President Trump has actually made good on his campaign promises, unlike most politicians.

The left wants us to still believe the lie that Trump is bad for the country. We’re not buying it.

Next year, will there even be a Women’s March. Something tells me… nope!

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