AOC Makes Absurd Claim In Defense of Illegal Immigrants

By The Political Insider Staff April 24th, 2020 | Image Source : Life Zette

During a recent livestream discussion, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) made the bizarre assertion that illegal immigrants detained by ICE “have not committed a crime.”

The New York Democrat was commenting on President Donald Trump’s plan to suspend immigration in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic currently gripping the nation. “If he is gonna do this for public health reasons, we need to be suspending these deportations right now,” she countered. Ocasio-Cortez then made the claim that illegals currently being detained have committed no crime. No, they’ve just been locked up on “procedural issues.”

“By the way these ice detention centers – people are being locked up in these detention centers – they have not committed a crime,” she claimed without evidence. “They’re being locked up for simple issues, right? Procedural issues.”

First of all, AOC is accusing ICE of unlawful imprisonment—a very serious accusation. Second, no, not “right” at all. They’re being locked up because, as the label “illegal immigrant” or “illegal alien” implies, they’ve engaged in an activity that is…illegal!

Author: The Political Insider Staff

Source: Life Zette: AOC: Illegal immigrants detained by ICE ‘have not committed a crime’

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