AOC Tries To “Embarrass” Working Americans, Fails Miserably

Socialist megastar Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from New York claimed on Tuesday that American workers tend to rely on illegal migrants crossing our southern border “to survive” while she attempted to drum up support for amnesty measures in the Senate.

“We have just lived through it, going on about two years now, of a pandemic. where our nation has relied on these undocumented illegal immigrants to survive,” she claimed, not acknowledging how cheap labor drives wages down for American citizens.

AOC continued to make the claim that illegal aliens were employed during the Covid-19 pandemic by American businesses to perform important tasks, such as making sure grocery shelves were stocked and taking care of the elderly.

“Who else do you think was cleaning our buildings, who else was making sure that our elders were taken care of, who else was harvesting our crops, who else was stocking grocery store shelves except immigrant labor within our country?” she asked.

Despite border patrol agents apprehending 164,303 illegal border crossers along the southwest border in Oct. before they were provided plane and bus tickets and transported into the interior of the U.S. where they were to be released, flooding America’s economy with cheap and inexpensive labor while at the same time hiking our rent prices, AOC demanded that millions of immigrants that entered our country illegally be granted amnesty.

“Our demand is for the Senate to cancel and override the parliamentarian and include a viable and full path to citizenship for the migrants,” she said about Pres. Biden’s reconciliation package that was full of leftist goodies.

The Senate parliamentarian earlier this year had ruled amnesty could not have a place in Pres. Joe Biden’s package because it was not related to any budgeting measures, which is the reconciliation’s guiding principle.

“The Senate needs to stand up for what is right and override the parliamentarian… the parliamentarian was not elected. It is not a position that requires an election,” she added without recognizing that both the House and the Senate are institutions that are run by officials that were elected in a dem republic.

Author: Steven Sinclaire