AOC’s Capitol Hill Story Gets Debunked

As the media continues to play up the January 6 Capitol protest, one congresswoman is setting the record straight by calling out her colleague pushing dangerous lies about what happened that day.

In a recent tweet, freshman lawmaker Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) said that Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is not being honest with her comments about “fearing for her life” when she got knocks on her office door.

This was before she discovered the person knocking was a police officer.

AOC told this story on an Instagram live video and said the mob banged on her door as her aides said she should hide. This was the moment, she claimed, that she thought “it was all over.”

“The bathroom door is right behind me — rather in front of me,” AOC claimed. “And I just overhear one of my aides repeating, ‘where is she?’”

But Rep. Nancy Mace said her office is only two doors away from AOC’s office and not one protester even made it to their hallway. To make things worse, a new release confirms that protesters only went into the main Capitol Building, and not the Cannon House Building. Which is where AOC’s office is at.

Mace said her story is “egregious” and wondered if there is anything the media won’t lie about. She went further and condemned what she called the “violent acts that were committed in our nation’s Capitol.” She then stressed those who took part in the incident should be held accountable.

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