As Americans Learn The Truth, China Prepares For Round Two

Hu Xijin, a top Chinese mouthpiece and spokesperson, has said that the country should prepare itself for nuclear war with the United States after President Biden pushed for investigations into the source of coronavirus.

Once said to be a conspiracy, the lab leak theory as the source of the virus has now gained great traction in recent weeks, with experts saying there should be an investigation.

Biden responded to increasing confidence in the lab-leak idea last week by saying that American intelligence officials should look into covid’s source, including the potential that the virus leaked out of China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology.

“We will continue working with partners around the world to push China to help in a fully transparent, evidence-based investigation and to give access to all evidence and data,” Biden said.

The Chinese propagandist, who edits China’s controlled Global Times news source, responded to President Biden’s statement by stating that China should prepare for a “showdown” after citing the country’s nuclear armament.

..”Given the increasing containment of China, I would say one of our urgent tasks is to rapidly increase the number of nuclear missiles with very long-range capabilities. We should be prepared for a showdown between America and China. We should have so many missiles that the US elite will fear the thought of confrontation with China.”,.,

The statement is very eyebrow-raising because Hu seems to speak for Chinese officials who cannot say certain things publicly.

In fact, Hu said in 2016 that his friends in the Chinese government “cannot speak willfully, but I can,” a suggestion that he speaks for them.

China has staunchly denied that coronavirus leaked from the Wuhan bio lab.

Beijing has said the pandemic originated in a wet market inside Wuhan where the virus traveled from an infected animal to Chinese citizens and then throughout the world.

Author: Blake Ambrose