As Dem’s Debates, Trump Put Them to Shame–Twice!

Image Source: The Bearded Patriot

As the Democrats squabbled in their first primary debate, Donald Trump had better things to do. The president was on his way to the G20 Summit in Japan. He did take a moment out of his flight to comment on the debate—humiliating the Democrats and the news network that aired it. Then he did something that really put the left to shame.

Over twenty elitist, entitled, and out-of-touch liberals are fighting for the Democratic nomination. Each of these leftists think they have what it takes to take down one of the most success presidents in recent memory. They’re dreaming.

There are so many Democrats vying for the nom, they couldn’t fit all of them onto one stage. They had to break up the first debate into two nights (even though usually, candidates polling very low don’t get invited—which would be most of them).

The first debate was last night. Candidates tried to outdo each other over who was the most left-wing, out-of-their mind socialist. Democrats are fighting to drive our economy into the gutter, with plans that make Obamacare look brilliant. Their intentions for “Medicare-for-all” would destroy our healthcare system and bankrupt our government.

Some of the other insane ideas these leftists put forward include decriminalizing illegal border crossings. Yeah, that’s how bad the left is today.

As Democrats swiped at each other, attacking their rivals and putting forward terrible plans, Donald Trump was on his way to Japan. He did take a few moments to comment on the circus that was going on at MSNBC.

President Trump Opens a New Window. appeared to be unimpressed Wednesday night as the first Democratic primary debate got underway.

As the first 10 candidates debated on stage about the issues facing the country, Trump took to Twitter Opens a New Window. with a simple response: “BORING!”

Trump tweeted again, slamming NBC and MSNBC for a technical issue that struck Opens a New Window. amid the debate in which the audio dropped out. [Source: Fox Business]

Wow. Trump took some time to trash the Democrats’ pathetic debate. He didn’t even have to use more than one word to describe it. Boring’s a pretty good description. For all the hype the left-wing media has generated for these candidates, none of them can inspire or excite voters like Trump can.

But he went further than that to humiliate the left. As Democrats demanded attention from America to present their toxic agenda, Trump got off Air Force One while refueling. Did he check back in on the debates? Nope!

Air Force One landed in Anchorage, Alaska, for a refueling stop on Wednesday, following which Trump deplaned and was asked about the debate after approaching a group of servicemen and women.

“I think they’re all going to do very poorly,” he said, adding that he opted to greet the military personnel instead of staying onboard and watching.

“I chose you,” he said. [Source: Fox Business]

This is why Trump is such a successful president—and why Democrats should be very worried. He didn’t have to waste too much time to demolish their entire evening. It literally took him one word. Then he went on to greet our troops, showing them respect and appreciation. As Democrats were demanding attention, Trump was showering praise onto our servicemen and women.

He knows how to show respect to those who’ve earned it. And he knows how to expose those D.C. swamp dwellers who crave praise and adoration, but have never lifted a finger to help others.

As 2020 approaches, Democrats will continue to push forward ideas to buy Americans’ votes. They will promise free healthcare, college tuition, universal paychecks—anything and everything—except what we really need. Their plans and ideas will tank our economy and stability. We will fall back into the Dark Ages, when rampant government crippled our opportunity.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to hold the secret to success—one that Democrats have long ago forgotten: put Americans first.

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