As Dems Push Impeachment, President Scores Historic Win

House Democrats dominate the news with their bogus impeachment inquiry. The fake news media focuses all their time trying to stir up the narrative that the “tide is turning” against Donald Trump.

But as liberals try their hardest to manufacture evidence against him, the president just scored a historic win. A win that will be impacting this country for decades to come.

What is a president’s most lasting impact on the country? That is definitely something people can debate. After all, executive orders can easily be reversed by future presidents. Even laws can be overturned or changed with the help of Congress. Some might say that a president’s “legacy” of inspiring Americans is the most important part of their job.

But one of the most important roles a president plays in this country is one the media right now is ignoring. It’s something Democrats don’t want you to know about. In fact, it’s something that the crooked House Democrats can’t even touch a tiny bit.

All eyes (in the fake news) are on the impeachment inquiry. They are doing their best to drum up the idea that Trump’s phone call with Ukraine was a crime. But the transcript itself proves otherwise. Trump did nothing wrong. Yet House Democrats drag “witnesses” into hearings, hoping anti-Trump figures will claim Trump broke the law. But the opinions of partisan hacks can’t change the facts.

Democrats want you fixated on their impeachment circus. They don’t want you to know that, while they waste time and tax dollars on this pointless inquisition, Trump is securing our future in a big way.

Congress as a whole might be letting our country down, but at least Republicans in the Senate are making sure America stays great for years to come.

In fact, Trump just celebrated a major win this week, as he announced he appointed over 150 federal judges since he entered office.

President @realDonaldTrump and Republicans in Congress have confirmed more than 150 federal judges! [Source: Twitter]

Specifically, Trump and GOP senators have confirmed one hundred and fifty-nine judges to federal courts. By year’s end, Trump predicts it will be closer to 180.

Why is this so important? Well, for starters these men and women will serve on these seats for their entire lives. They will weigh in on laws from coast to coast. Their rulings will have profound effects on all our lives.

And Trump announced they are all Constitutionally-minded judges.

Thanks to many of you here today, my Administration and Republicans in Congress have now confirmed 157 FEDERAL JUDGES who will uphold our Constitution AS WRITTEN, a profoundly historic milestone and a truly momentous achievement! [Source: Twitter]

Obama appointed radical liberal judges that sought to re-write the Constitution. They were progressives who wanted to use their authority to push far-left policies. Many of these same judges have tried to stop Trump’s lawful authority in areas like immigration and the economy.

But already Trump’s influence on federal courts is being felt. The far-left Ninth Circuit Court in San Francisco is undergoing a major transformation. Trump has appointed numerous judges to this once-super liberal court. It is becoming much more moderate and balanced. Already, the court has handed Trump victories—when once they would have blocked his agenda.

And that’s just for starters. We know Trump gave the Supreme Court it’s first conservative majority in years. But many people don’t realize that lower federal appeals courts rule on my cases that never reach the SCOTUS. Those cases have just as much impact on your life as cases brought before the Supreme Court.

President Trump knew this, so he and his allies in the Senate worked overtime to get over 150 judges onto those benches.

Even after Trump leaves the White House, these judges will be serving the American public. They will uphold the Constitution from state to state. Their influence will hold back the tide of radical policies that Democrats at the state level will try to throw at us.

This achievement will cement Trump’s legacy for decades to come. And all the left can do is watch and weep.

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