As Dems Push Impeachment–Their Greatest Fear Comes True

Democrats are scheming to pin a corruption charge on Donald Trump over a phone call.

It will backfire on them.

As they waste our time and money over a pointless inquiry, Trump continues to win for America. The CBP just made a big announcement about the border. Liberals across the country are weeping.

Let’s cut to the chase. There is one reason—and one reason only—why Democrats are trying to impeach Trump: the border. Democrats hate that Trump is successfully securing our Southern border.

Don’t be fooled. The left wanted our border weak and defenseless. They were the ones behind the insane and massive caravan crisis that afflicted our country for over a year. (Liberal “immigration activists” were the ones organizing the caravans in South America.) Democrats want more illegal aliens entering our country. They exploit them for votes, promising welfare, free healthcare, and more.

President Trump’s signature campaign promise has been to secure the border. That would dry up the left’s most important voter base. Why else do you think they’ve fought him on this more than any other policy?

This is why they want him gone. If Trump is removed from office, plans to secure the border will fall through. Democrats think this will return us to a time when hundreds of thousands of illegals crossed the border, with CBP powerless to stop it.

But even as they push their doomed impeachment inquiry, CBP makes another big announcement about the border. They just awarded three contracts to build more wall. What’s more, much of it will be securing regions that never had protection.

The U.S. government awarded three contracts to two different construction companies to build up to 65 miles of physical barriers along the Texas-Mexico border.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Army Corps of Engineers doled out three contracts to build a wall along the Rio Grande Valley region. The physical barriers — which will include 18- to 30-foot-high steel bollard wall, enforcement cameras, and other tech — will be built in Hidalgo, Starr, and Cameron Counties in Texas, according to a Monday press release by CBP.

Construction is slated to begin in early 2020, and unlike other construction projects, will take place in areas where no barriers already exist, the agency stated…

CBP noted the area is a hotspot for illegal immigration and drug-smuggling in its statement. [Source: Daily Caller]

Mmmm! How does that taste, Nancy Pelosi? Democrats have tried to move heaven and earth to prevent Trump’s border wall. They’ve refused to fund construction. Democrats have sued again and again. They’ve tried to interfere even with Trump’s agreements with Mexico and other countries.

It seems there’s nothing the left won’t do to protect illegal aliens at the expense of Americans.

Just think about it. Illegal immigration is a major threat to our national security. Not only do illegal aliens weaken our economy and damage our jobs market, but countless aliens are drug runners, sex traffickers, and human smugglers.

It is a sick and evil situation that has to be addressed. Democrats claim they oppose Trump’s agenda because they are being “compassionate” to illegals. Really? How is letting aliens hide in the trunk of a car compassionate? How is turning a blind eye as young girls are raped and sold into slavery compassionate?

And how is ignoring the fact that Americans can’t get work, thanks to illegals, compassionate?

Only Trump knows the score. And he’s doing the impossible to protect and help Americans. Even while the left tries to impeach him, he’s getting the work done!

According to the CBP, this new portion of the wall is going up at hotspots for illegal immigration and drug smuggling. The Rio Grande Valley accounts for 40% of illegal alien activity. And it had no barrier whatsoever! How much you want to bet it was left open on purpose (by Democrats)?

That’s all changing, thanks to the president. He’s making good on his promises, even as Democrats try to smear his name and destroy his work.

Now that’s a leader worth getting behind.

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