As War With China Looms, Trump Warns What’s Coming Next

Former President Donald J. Trump said in a comment this Wednesday that America “might very well end up at war with China,” due to his successor, President Biden.

In a comment put out by his political action committee (PAC), Save America, Donald Trump reiterated that the 2020 presidential election “was rigged,” stating:

“Because our election was rigged, and America has a corrupt and weak leader, we might very well eventually end up in a war against China who does not respect the USA anymore. They saw firsthand our TV generals’ total surrender to the Afghan Taliban with the loss of 13 Americans and the delivering of $85 billion of our most expensive Military equipment — Russia and China are already reverse engineering this equipment so they can make it for themselves. The only thing the Extreme Left Democrats, who are destroying our country, are good at is rigging our elections and conducting criminal activity, while always blaming Republicans using corrupt prosecutions. Our nation is in big trouble — we need to get going fast!”

Trump’s comment came one day after Joe Biden announced that he and China’s President, Xi Jinping, agreed to “go by the Taiwan agreement,” a reference to the Taiwan Relations Act that gave the framework for the relationship between the United States, China, and Taiwan back in 1979.

China recently expanded its rhetoric about its claims of sovereignty over Taiwan, and Taiwanese leaders said earlier this week that China sent more than 50 military aircrafts over their airspace.

The U.S. State Dept. said last Sunday that it is “very concerned” about the “provocative actions near Taiwan,” in a comment from spokesperson Ned Price, who said, “We urge China to stop its military, diplomatic, and financial coercion and pressure against Taiwan.”

This comes at a time when a growing trade war between America and China has, as some people speculate, led to increasing shortages in the United States.

Trump’s comments come as his political standing in the Republican party has never been higher. Joe Biden’s approval rating has plummeted since he took office back in January. With the top issue being open borders and the damage they cause.

Author: Steven Sinclaire