ATF Exposed For Spying On Millions Of Red State Gun Owners

A document which was obtained by the Washington Free Beacon puts new light on an ATF program keeping records from gun stores across the country that cease business, revealing that the federal agency has gotten over 54.7 out-of-business records from gun stores that have closed.

The internal ATF document was initially gotten by Gun Owners of America, a gun rights advocacy group. In this document, the ATF brags about working with 54.7 out-of-business record, of which most are paper, with some being in electronic form.

The federal government is prevented by law from creating a database of gun owners in America, but a federal registry of gun transactions from older gun stores amounts to a collection of data on tens of millions of American gun owners. All businesses stop operation eventually, and it is possible the ATF program will increase for the feds to gather information on most if not every American gun owner.

The records of concern will allow the feds to decide who buys the most guns, and which guns they buy, potentially leading to surveillance and spying on Americans who make use of their Second Amendment rights with what some people say is a “gun collection.”

Federal firearms licensees are able to destroy records they are required to keep by law every 20 years, but there is no reason to believe that the ATF does not intend to keep the data of old gun stores forever.

The ATF has declined to comment on these internal agency records when asked about the news story published by the Washington Free Beacon, but did attempt to argue that out of business records do not constitute a federal registry of gun owners. In the agency’s West Virginia records facility, the ATF has enough records to make the floor of the building actually collapse.

This comes at a time when the Biden White House is working around the clock to disarm Americans as fast as possible. The Democrats are also seeking to flood America with as many third-worlders as possible. Most of whom have terrible criminal pasts and also hate white Americans. It might seem like going out on a limb to say what is being prepared is genocide, but with Democrats, the more extreme agendas normally turn out to be true.

Author: Blake Ambrose