Ben Carson Drops Ton of Bricks On D.C. Swamp – Clears President Trump

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Carson just knocked Democrats out and gave Donald a big boost.

Ben Carson, once a primary opponent of Trump’s, has become a staunch ally.

He has saved Americans billions in waste by heading up the Department of Housing and Urban Development, and he is always willing to defend the President for how hard he is working to help the country.

This is because Carson understands that the Democrats are the real enemy America is facing, and he’s seen how ruthlessly the Left is attacking the President.

Now he is speaking out on a “devious plot” to remove Trump from office in a passionate post defending the President.

“During my time serving in the administration I have seen @realDonaldTrump consistently stand for the people and keep his promises even in the midst of great backlash,” Carson wrote on Twitter.

“This week former FBI Director Andrew McCabe insinuated that he could have convened the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment Removing President Trump from office.

Even going so far as to say they put together a count of officials who might side with them in this devious plot. One might normally dismiss such and idea without another thought.

However, after past comments and this current admission I don’t feel I can stay silent.

During my time serving in the administration I have seen a President who stands for the people against insurmountable odds.

I have seen no obstruction or collusion and only a heart to do what is right for our country.”

Dr. Carson, unlike the liberal media, knows that there is no truth to the allegations that Trump ever conspired with Russia to win the election, and that Mueller’s investigation is nothing more than a pathetic witch hunt.

Carson went on to highlight the many ways President Trump has benefited the country, including his work on criminal justice reform, his defense of the unborn, his tax cuts, and his strong defense of our border.

“I want to unequivocally state that I have not and will not be part of any attempt to usurp the will of the people or undermine the President of the United States of America Donald J. Trump,” Carson said.

It’s reassuring to see that the President has loyal people in his administration, isn’t it?

Far too many of Trump’s closest confidants have betrayed the President in order to benefit themselves, like the President’s former lawyer Michael Cohen.

The deep state has it in for our President and will not rest until he is impeached.

But if he has allies like Carson in his corner, the swamp creatures working to undermine him won’t be successful.

Author: Jake Wilson

Source: Patriotjournal: Ben Carson Drops Ton of Bricks On D.C. Swamp – Clears President Trump

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