Beto’s Campaign Sends out Desperate Plea

Once upon a time, Robert O’Rourke was a liberal “rising star.”

The left was all-but convinced he would unseat conservative senator, Ted Cruz. But after his failing miserably in 2018, O’Rourke decided to jump into the 2020 ring—which has been experiencing the same results.

Now, as his 2020 chances fade away, O’Rourke is begging supporters for help.

From the start of the 2020 Democratic primary race, we all saw a big problem. There were over 20 Democrats who thought they had a shot at the White House. Most of them were far-left socialists who were promising the exact opposite of President Trump. Where he slashed taxes, they wanted to raise them. Where he promised a booming free market (and jobs), they promised decades of failure.

You have to wonder who told these people they had a chance at winning. The oddest candidate may have been Robert Francis O’Rourke, who falsely calls himself “Beto.” This man tried to unseat Republican Senator Ted Cruz in 2018. Despite getting a huge amount of cash from outside Texas, he could not beat Cruz.

He’s since moved on to a presidential bid. Which has been working out much the same way. Honestly, there are no gems in the Democratic 2020 lineup, just duds. But O’Rourke might be the duddest dud of them all.

As a spare few Democrats manage to salvage cash to keep their campaigns going, O’Rourke is starting to fall behind. I mean, the guy’s polling around 2%, you have to wonder why he’s still even around. In a desperate move for cash, he sent out a plea to his supporters.

Former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) revealed on Friday that his campaign raised $4.5… falling far short of his Democratic primary challengers…

O’Rourke updated his staff and supporters during a live-streamed meeting on the state of his campaign and emphasized the urgent need for a “breakthrough.”…

“We have a path to the nomination — and through that, a path to the presidency — but at this moment we’ve got to break through,” O’Rourke said. “So, I need everyone’s help, doing everything that they can … to make sure that you make this commitment now.” [Source: Daily Wire]

According to the polls, O’Rourke can’t even break 2%. That’s not promising for the Irishman. Yet since he started slipping below his high of 5%, he’s gone full-blown left-wing extremist.

In a desperate stab at relevance, the Democrat has pushed extreme, radical views. He has openly promised a government gun grab. He wants the federal government to forcibly take your firearms. Hmm… that doesn’t seem like something most Americans will support.

But wait! There’s more. O’Rourke recently promised to eradicate our First Amendment rights. He said that churches and religious groups should lose their tax-exempt status if their beliefs do not back the left’s support of gay marriage.

Wow, talk about being totally tone-deaf. Does O’Rourke think any of these ideas will help him win over Americans? Even left-wing Democrats aren’t buying it.

No wonder he’s trying to scrounge up money wherever he can. He bragged about the $4 million he raised in the third quarter. But his rivals raised much more. Joe Biden raised $15 million, Sanders raised $25 million and Warren raised $24 million.

But what did Donald Trump and the RNC raise during the same time? Oh, $125 million.

Um… maybe O’Rourke should stop trying altogether.

It’s clear that not even extreme, left-wing Democrats on are his side. His far-left push to win voters has not been working. Even old fogies are bringing in more cash than him. His latest plea for cash might be falling on deaf ears, as Democrats jump ship to other campaigns.

But they all are in big trouble. Even as the House tries to pin impeachment on Trump, he’s bringing in more support than ever before.

O’Rourke, on the other hand, is watching his support dwindled into nothing. I guess that’s what happens when you attack American liberties.

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