Biden Accidentally Lets His True Intentions Slip Out On Live TV

Earlier today, the mainstream media touted fresh “commitments” to combat “climate change” from the leaders now discussing the matter at the G20. President Biden had made this his top concern, as he skipped Halloween to go overseas.

But while this was happening, the truth was coming out this morning on “State of the Union.” Antony Blinken admitted they have gotten zero concessions from China. The communist nation did not go to the COP26 climate summit, and will keep building coal power plants at a record rate.

Here is the thing with the climate change agenda. The U.S. could go to zero emissions in 10 years, a complete impossibility without breaking our economy, and it would still represent just a small amount of the change so-called experts claim is needed to stop the large temperature rises over the incoming 100 years. In other words, if India and China do not make big changes, there is almost nothing that can be done by Western nations nuking their own economies for the sake of global warming.

With this fact out there, understand that China will not stop building coal plants. They will not stop burning coal. The communist country is already having economic problems and has taken an “anything goes” strategy, from energy policy to monetary policy. While the U.S. under Joe Biden has been more than happy to remove its own leg off, the Chinese are smarter than this.

Put everything together and what you get from Blinken in this interview is an admission that the Biden Team is kneecapping the United States economy for no reason at all. If China is not on board with the president’s fantasies about controlling the weather, then normal Americans are paying sky-high energy prices while getting nothing in return. Canceling the Keystone pipeline accomplished what, exactly? Setting radical emissions goals for the country while China plans to keep increasing theirs until at least 2030 (and that assumes you believe what they say, which you shouldn’t) is stupid and self-defeating.

Unfortunately, America is being led by total morons or people who have an agenda and are religiously dedicated to fighting fake “climate change” — even when it does not add up what they are planning we do. The nation has to ride out the Biden White House and hope change comes in 2024.

Author: Scott Dowdy