Biden Admin Rendered Speechless By This COVID Question

During a TV interview on CNN this Wednesday, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky could not give any data that proves it is unsafe for completely vaccinated Americans to stop wearing masks and go about their normal lives. Instead, she said that the CDC is “looking forward to updating their rules very soon.”

Chris Cuomo asked, “What data can you give that shows you must go slow before we let people go without masks and live their lives if they have been vaccinated? I know you are awaiting the data that says it’s safe, but what data says it’s unsafe?”

Walensky responded, “Well, we understand data has been emerging, with regard to covid variants, especially the Brazil and U.K. variant, which are increasing in this country, and the South Africa variant, now we have variants arriving from India too. So, we understand the data is forthcoming. It has been emerging through the literature. With those variants being here, we do want to ensure the data gets out and demonstrates our vaccines work, and I am looking forward to updating our policies very soon.”

Author: Blake Ambrose