Biden Administration Falls Apart — You Won’t Believe Who’s Leaving

Biden’s Press Secretary Psaki has revealed during an interview with Obama Strategist David Axelrod that she intends to leave the Administration. The two worked together during Obama’s time in office.

“When I spoke with the inner circle of Biden about this, we discussed me coming in and doing this for a year and it was very appealing to me for multiple reasons,” Psaki said. “I believe it will be time for someone else to have this title, in a year or so from now.”

“I was the Communications Director, I have had many different jobs in the White House,” she said. “This is a great job, it’s amazing, yes it will be difficult but I also never imagined I would be here and I love my kids so much.”

Since Biden took office, Psaki put on daily briefings with journalists that average between one hour in length. Past Press Secretaries Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kayleigh McEnany had less briefings because President Trump spoke with reporters almost every day, sometimes numerous times.

Biden has taken the opposite approach by giving very limited interviews and rarely accepts questions from reporters.

During this same interview, Psaki said why Biden’s interaction with journalists is limited.

“This is not a thing we recommend for him. In fact, many times I say ‘don’t accept questions,'” Psaki said. “But he’s the president and he is going to whatever he wants.”

Author: Blake Ambrose