Biden Advisor Claims COVID Is ‘The Best Thing That Ever Happened’

A top Biden adviser has described the Covid-19 pandemic as “the best thing to ever happen” to President Biden, a new book reveals. 

Anita Dunn made the disgusting remark during a conversation with “an associate” during the campaign, journalists Amie Parnes and Jonathan Allen have revealed in their new book.

Her comment was a commonly held belief among “campaign officials but something no one would say in public,” the authors wrote in their book, “Lucky: How Biden Barely Won the Presidency,” which is to be released next week. 

The shocking comment was first exposed on Wednesday by The Guardian, which got an early print of the book. 

Press secretary Jen Psaki did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the statement. 

Dunn, a veteran inside Democratic circles, joined the administration temporarily as a senior adviser after having a similar job during Biden’s campaign. She previously was an adviser to Obama and was communications director during his presidency. 

This Tuesday, America reached 500,000 covid deaths — a terrible milestone Biden marked with a ceremony and a call for Americans to “remember those we lost.”

These 500,000 deaths come a month after we reached 400,000 deaths. 

According to Johns Hopkins University, there have been more than 112 million cases of coronavirus  worldwide with almost 2.5 million dead. 

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