Biden Backtracks On COVID Guidelines — Yet Again

Just a year into the covid pandemic, face masks don’t seem to be going anywhere. President Biden went to the National Institute of Health recently and seemingly reversed his opinion.

In his press conference, Joe Biden changed his words. He claimed Americans should cover-up for the rest of 2021 after saying “100 days of use” was enough two months ago.

During the media event, President Biden said “wearing a mask through 2021 can save lives.” Instead of relying on scientific evidence to support his advice, President Biden appealed to patriotism.

“We’re in a war with covid,” Biden said. “It’s a patriot’s responsibility!”

Despite the nationwide use of masks, Biden spoke about 100,000 deaths and still claimed masks save lives. But some say masks might serve a different agenda.

“To me it’s psychological warfare,” Massachusetts citizen Lauren Craig said. “Covid has a 99.98 survival rate. So we are locking down our whole nation for that?”

Meanwhile, experts have not found any evidence linking masks with the lowered transmission.

“You would witness less cases and that’s just not the case, there is no connection, and that’s from my data-based perspective,” data scientist Justin Hart said. “Zero correlation between masks and the decrease in infections.”

Others point out that health guidelines need scientific backing and should be optional instead of forced.

American citizens hoping to keep President Biden to his word should not hold their breath because mask enforcements are here to stay.

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