Biden Caught Doing The Unthinkable On Easter Sunday

Rules for you but not for us.

President Biden has urged against family gatherings, saying in March that his desire would be for “small family gatherings” maybe by July 4th.

“By the Fourth of July there is a good chance your families will be able to meet in your backyard and have a barbecue and celebrate our Independence Day,” Biden said.

“That does not mean large events, but it can mean small groups getting together. After this difficult year, it will make this July 4th something very special.”

He said that again on April 2.

But guess who had a family event at Camp David? Biden and his wife. He left early Friday for the event. He would not say with whom he was meeting.

Apparently Fourth of July is for the commoners.

“Jill and I are looking forward to Easter, when we are getting together with our family. And because we have had the honor of being vaccinated, we may be able to see some of them this Easter,” Biden said.

So reporters of course asked Jen Psaki who would be at the event with Biden at Camp David.

Her response was fast and dismissive.

“Obviously his wife and he has a couple of grandkids. But it’s a small group, and not the large Irish clan that you have seen throughout his time in in public office.”

She was asked if his whole immediate family got the vaccine and she did not answer the question. She also didn’t say for sure if it was just immediate family or not.

It might be a surprise to Joe Biden but people have been having family events all over the nation, not determined by his scare-mongering opinion. Happy Easter!

Author: Steven Sinclaire

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