Biden Clamps Down On Free Speech By Banning These Words

President Joe Biden has banned federal agencies from using terms such as “alien,” “assimilation,” and “illegal alien” in official documents and statements.

Per the Washington Post, Biden’s administration sent memos to immigration officials on Monday detailing the changes in a move that is partly a rebuke of President Donald Trump’s rhetoric on immigration issues.

The order is part of a larger effort to roll back Trump’s immigration policies.

The memo orders immigration officials to make changes in rhetoric such as substituting “noncitizen or migrant” for “alien,” “undocumented” for “illegal,” and “integration” for “assimilation.”

“In response to the vision set by the Administration, ICE will ensure agency communications use the preferred terminology and inclusive language,” Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) acting director Tae Johnson said in a memo.

The memos are also a clear message to immigration officials and officers who supported Trump that Biden is now in charge of immigration policy, and so immigration officials should behave accordingly, the Post reported.

“As the nation’s premier law enforcement agency, we set a tone and example for our country and partners across the world,” Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) head Troy Miller said in a memo.

“We enforce our nation’s laws while also maintaining the dignity of every individual with whom we interact. The words we use matter and will serve to further confer that dignity to those in our custody.”

Biden has shifted the United States’ approach to immigration from the Trump and Obama administrations, focusing on processing illegal immigrants and allowing them into the country rather than deporting and blocking illegal immigrants.

Biden’s presidency has been marred by an unprecedented number of illegal immigrants who have surged toward the U.S. southern border in hopes of gaining entry to the U.S.

Many of those making the journey here, point directly to Joe Biden’s election as a primary factor behind their decision to make the trip.

The surge has overwhelmed immigration facilities as Biden’s administration has resorted to buying hotel rooms for illegal migrants and transferring thousands of children to temporary shelters run by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Former President Donald Trump slammed Biden during an interview on Monday night, saying that Biden’s border crisis is so severe that it could “destroy our country.”

Fox News host Sean Hannity asked Trump about “how dangerous” the situation on the border is and what the media would do if Trump were president and “cages” were “overflowing with kids in the middle of a pandemic.”

“They would not stand for it. And they’re playing it down as much as they can play it down. It’s a horrible situation, could destroy our country,” Trump said.

“People are pouring in. But you’ll see something as the months go by like you’ve never seen before. Already it’s like you’ve never seen before. There’s never been anything like what’s happened at our border. And people are coming in by the tens of thousands.”

“They’re walking in … all they had to do was leave it alone,” Trump continued.

“If he’d left it alone, we were setting record positive numbers. And people would have to come in legally. And, you know, the other thing that people don’t talk about you, human trafficking and drugs. That’s double, triple, then quadruples coming in because that’s pouring in right now. Drugs are pouring in.”

“We had it so tight, we were doing so well. All he had to do was leave it alone. Stay in Mexico was a big deal. You know, that wasn’t easy to get. We went through court systems. We went through everything,” Trump continued.

“The wall, getting the wall built and the wall we — we’re up to almost 500 miles and completing it was very easy. That was going to be just routine. It would have been done routinely. The contracts were already there, the materials there, it was going to be done very quickly. And we got delayed for two-and-a-half years because we were sued by Nancy Pelosi and Congress not to build the wall. I wanted to see if we want all of this as we want everything. And then they don’t finish the wall.”

Biden, for the first time, referred to the situation at the border as a “crisis” in remarks Saturday, a notable shift in the language of his administration as Democrats have largely avoided using the term to describe the U.S. southern border in order to downplay the situation to the public.

Author: Lucas Brown

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