Biden Confirms: He’s Willing To ‘Work With’ China

President Biden has said he will work with the dictatorship government of China so long as it is in the best interest of America.

“We are willing to work with China when it’s in America’s interest,” he stated during his speech at the State Dept. detailing his approach to diplomacy.

Biden pledged to confront Chinese abuses on human rights, economic issues, and global governance, but his strategy is very different from that of President Trump.

“We’ll also take on the problems of our security, prosperity, and values posed by our top competitor, China,” Biden stated.

He argued his White House would confront the Chinese government with an intention of “building back better” with domestic spending after the pandemic and working to restore diplomatic connections with the rest of the world.

But President Biden did not say anything during his speech about China’s hiding of details of the virus and failing to prevent the spread of covid around the globe. He also did not mention China’s suppression of democracy in Taiwan.

Instead, Biden repeatedly talked about the diplomatic status of America and his goal to have “global leadership” and compete with China.

“American leaders must meet the continuing authoritarianism and growing ambitions of China to rival us,” he said.

He also promised to “restart our role in international organizations and reclaim our moral authority and credibility, much of which has been lost.”

Biden went on to say that only after the United States led by example on problems like climate change, would other nations be inspired to reduce their carbon emissions.

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