Biden Covers Up What’s Really Happening At The Border

The Biden administration has not yet released a report from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detailing how many illegal immigrants were removed from the U.S. last year, which also saw a historic spike of illegal immigrants crossing into the United States from the southern border.

The Washington Free Beacon stated ICE has released its deportation report before the end of the year every year since 2011, with one of the most recent reports being released on December 23, 2020, during Donald Trump’s administration. The spokeswoman for ICE has told the Washington Free Beacon a publish date for the report has not yet been determined.

“The report hasn’t been published yet because they are attempting to spin the report so it is not so embarrassing for them. An accurate report will surely show that the change of ICE’s mission really is not about focusing on the worse criminals out there, it is about canceling interior enforcement altogether,” claimed the former ICE Director Thomas Homan.

“The number of criminals that were arrested and removed from the U.S. by ICE officers will show a decline from years prior. This report will reveal that even though they did not get rid of ICE as they talked about this past year, they instead abolished their mission. In that same year where we have had historic illegal immigration on our southern border, ICE will have the fewest numbers of removals and arrests since the beginning of the agency. That in and of itself, tells the story,” He said.

While Border Patrol has been overwhelmed with children and families who willingly turned themselves in so they could have their asylum claims heard and processed in 2021, numerous other illegal immigrants were able to get around Border Patrol unseen and enter our country illegally without any consequences what so ever, who would then fall under the jurisdiction of ICE.

The lack of a report also flies in the face of Pres. Joe Biden’s administration promising “truth and transparency back to the U.S. government to speak the truth, even if it is hard to hear.”

Author: Blake Ambrose