Biden Crime Family Caught In Major Money Schemes With China

Newly revealed documents expose that Hunter Biden orchestrated a deal to transfer American natural gas to a Chinese Energy company (CEFC) – which set the Biden family up for a potentially massive windfall.

The prospective 2017 deal was set up by both Hunter and Jim Biden. Documents which were never previously reported on from the infamous Hunter Biden laptop was working on a deal to transfer liquid natural gas from Louisiana to CEFC — the same Chinese firm with which Hunter also discussed a business venture that would have “10 [percent] held by H for the big guy” — but the deal never materialized.

That wouldn’t stop the Biden family’s Chinese allies who were involved in the deal from going on to push Hunter to help his father mount a bid for president years after.

In an email from October 23, 2017, an intermediary by the name of JiaQi Bao, between Hunter Biden and his Chinese business associates, sent an email thanking Hunter and Joe Biden’s brother, Jim, for arranging a meeting with Greg Michaels, the president of a natural gas liquefaction facility in Louisiana called Monkey Island LNG, and detailing plans for what will be discussed.

“We have a 10:30 meeting tomorrow @ 3CC with Greg Michaels, the president of Monkey Island LNG Terminal project in Louisiana. Thank you for Jim and Hunter for bringing the owner to talk to us directly,” she writes in an email received by Hunter, Jim, and Gongwen Dong, a Chinese investor involved in multiple shady deals linked to the Bidens.

Leveraging the family name to secure high profile meetings for foreign clients was not just a good deal for Hunter and Jim Biden.

It has been previously reported by the New York Post that Hunter was responsible for family expenses — with Hunter once telling his daughter that he has to “pay for everything for this entire family.”

The Post reported in July, “I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years,’ Hunter wrote in a 2019 text message to his daughter, Naomi, that was found on his abandoned laptop. ‘It’s really hard. But don’t worry, unlike Pop [Joe], I won’t make you give me half your salary.”

In another email on October 29, 2017, Bao writes to discuss plans for the business venture, saying Hunter is the best person to help his “friend,” CEFC chairman Ye Jianming, because he has “access to decision makers” required to approve the transfer of essential natural resources to foreign entities.

“Through you and Uncle Jim’s connection, with Monkey Island/Magnolia/Project ABC as a starting point / talking point, we can check out a lot of all other interesting Louisana/Taxes/Gulf of Mexico U. S. projects [sic],” Bao’s email begins.

“You are the best person to help your friend Ye to do that, because you know a lot of folks in the area and you have the access to decision- makers / helpful local folks with insight about the region,” she continues.

Hunter’s “friend,” Ye Jianming, was connected to the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army before he was mysteriously detained in China in 2018, and CEFC is now defunct, according to various reports.

A third, December, 2017, email from Bao, subject line reading, “updates from your good trooper,” contains an attachment with extensive research on the energy industry in Louisiana.

The “industry overview,” allegedly put together by Bao, compiles details on the U.S. liquid natural gas industry from how local climate effects output, to how natural gas is distributed throughout the United States and from where, to pipeline networks and existing infrastructure, to local tax policy and incentives, costs of shipping, and supply chain details.

At the bottom of the report, Bao notes, “Without passing FERC review, will not receive non-FTA approval. Without non-FTA approval, won’t be able to sell LNG to China.”

FERC refers to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and “non-FTA” refers to non free trade agreement countries, of which China is one.

According to a report on Biden family FARA compliance compiled by Senator Chuck Grassley in November, 2020, the Bidens were used by Ye Jianming as mechanisms to “build influence” in securing U.S. business — but the CEFC natural gas deal fell through in 2018.

“As part of Hunter Biden’s efforts to assist Ye, he reportedly began working on a deal for Ye that involved a $40 million investment in a natural gas project on Monkey Island in Louisiana that reportedly fell through in 2018,” Grassley’s report says.

Hunter’s communication with JiaQi Bao did not end at the Monkey Island deal, as she wrote to him in March, 2019, urging him to “help Uncle Joe run for President.”

“You should not be distracted by random media articles. You need to help Uncle Joe run for President. Your father really should run for 2020 for this country,” she wrote on March 14, one month before Biden announced his candidacy for president on April 25 of that year.

The email also contains a list of reasons why Bao thinks Joe Biden would make a better leader than “ignorant+arrogant” then-President Trump.

In a section titled “Uncle Joe 2020,” Bao, the intermediary between Hunter and his corrupt business partners and CCP assets in China, includes a litany of character traits and policy issues she believes Joe Biden is strong on, including “wisdom,” “sensibility,” “leadership” and opposition to a southern border wall.

Author: Luis Wallert