Biden Devastated As Pelosi Dishes Out Ultimate Betrayal

The Democrat Party is in shambles. Led by Joe Biden in the White House, the party with currently the majority power can’t seem to agree whether they align more with the moderate wing or if they are under control of the Far-Left progressives. A recent move by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signals that the latter may be true.

Nancy Pelosi broke with Joe Biden this week when she refused to bring the bipartisan “roads and bridges” infrastructure bill to the House floor. Bending to the Far-Left, the House Speaker is demanding a guarantee that a multi-trillion dollar “anti-poverty” bill accompany the first, passed by budget reconciliation without any GOP support.

On the White House lawn just week Joe Biden, along with a bipartisan group of lawmakers, declared, “We have a deal” on the long-negotiated infrastructure bill that the White House desperately needs passed in order to finally get a legislative win.

Then just minutes after he declared victory the cognitively-deficient president signaled he would veto the bill unless a reconciliation agreement was made with the Republicans.

However, over the weekend Biden backed down from that threat, reassuring Republican negotiators that he would sign the “roads and bridges” bill without an agreement for another massive spending bill to accompany it.

The Democrat “anti-poverty” bill is rumored to cost upwards of $10 trillion dollars to be paid for by massive tax hikes for corporations, small businesses, high-income Americans, and even the middle class — a major broken campaign promise from Joe Biden.

In a closed door meeting, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi informed her caucus of the plan to withhold a vote for the bipartisan “roads-and-bridges” bill until there was reassurance from the White House that a second spending measure be attached, bucking Joe Biden’s authority.

Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell urged the Joe Biden’s White House to stay the course, threatening to blow the entire deal if a reconciliation package was coupled with the already-negotiated bipartisan bill. This would come as a political setback for the Biden administration who desperately needs a legislative win amongst a sea of failures thus far.

Pelosi, it’s been revealed, “is standing her ground, supporting the progressive caucus who are concerned that enacting the smaller infrastructure bill — which the Senate is shooting to pass before the August recess — would deter from passing the massive trillion-dollar liberal wish list the Democrats hope to pass by reconciliation.”

The time is ticking for Biden to accomplish any of his ambitious legislative promises before the August recess. Another loss would prove devastating to the Democrats, especially as campaigns ramp up for the 2022 midterm elections. With Pelosi’s betrayal, it’s unlikely the negotiated deal will withstand, and neither bill will likely see Biden’s desk before Congress breaks.

This move signals that Pelosi is siding strongly with the Far-Left progressive wing of her party, particularly the ‘Squad’ of radical lawmakers currently pressuring a reconciliation agreement before a vote on the “roads and bridges” deal.

“The Senate doesn’t run the show…” AOC told reporters.

Author: Nolan Sheridan