Biden Earns International Reputation For Acting Like a Child

Boris Johnson was warned that President Biden “holds grudges” after officials in the British government questioned his mental abilities after his “completely mad” media briefings about Afghanistan.

The warning comes after a report in The Sunday Times that a U.K. government minister said President Biden “seemed gaga” while talking to the media, with a government aide saying the American President was “doolally” and the news outlet noted that “Such thoughts are usually never whispered within Whitehall, let alone given in a briefing.”

“Doolally” is an insult with a big history in Britain, coming from the name of an Indian town where a group of soldiers ruled deranged were sent to.

Sources inside the U.S. have hinted that the 78-year-old leader is unlikely to appreciate this historical description of his mental state, telling The Telegraph — a company close to the U.K. government — that he is very much “not ‘gaga’” and in fact has “really picked up his game since the campaign.”

“The British have their opinion. But they should be careful. This is offensive and Biden will remember it. He has a long memory,” the official warned the conservative-leaning newspaper.

“It has always been that if someone says something bad about him, he does not talk to them again. He does have grudges. Boris Johnson should know this,” they said threateningly.

PM Johnson, despite being said to be a “British Trump” by liberal commentators, had no love for Joe Biden’s predecessor, and has used a sycophantic strategy to the Democrat, saying that his presidency was a “breath of fresh air” and reporting that it was “highly likely” he would “not disagree with Biden on anything” at the G7.

Biden’s ruined withdrawal from Afghanistan seems to have caused the honeymoon to end, however, with the British PM having hinted that he thinks the circumstances there were forced upon himself and other America other allies by the Biden Admin.

Reports show that Johnson was not able to get Biden to accept a call for over 24 hours as Kabul was taken over by the Taliban, further harming relations.

Backbench Members of the U.K Parliament from the Conservative party have hinted at their anger, with the Foreign Affairs chairman Tom Tugendhat saying that the Afghan disaster was “shameful” and reporting of Biden’s criticism of Western-backed Afghan troops: “Those who have not fought for the colors they fly should not criticize for those who have.”

Author: Blake Ambrose