Biden Enlists Mexico To Help Him Achieve His Most Radical Agenda

The Mexican government is suing six U.S. gun producers, claiming “massive damage” done by “unlawful trafficking” of guns to criminal elements and cartels.

The Mexican Government’s law suit opens with some trafficking claims and names the six gun manufacturers.

Mexican officials claim that a “flood” of firearms moving into Mexico is not “an inevitable consequence of the gun laws or business in the United States.” Instead, they say this flow of guns is due to the result of “the Defendants’ deliberate actions and practices.”

They also stress that the strict gun controls within Mexico, then say that “the Defendants undermined these strict laws, and brought havoc into Mexican society, by supplying a flood of guns to the drug cartels.”

The Mexican Government stresses the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, a 2005 law which protects gun makers from lawsuits.

They then say that “the U.S. is free to decide its social policy reflecting a balance between the money interests of the gun makers and the rights of victims inside its jurisdiction. By this same token, however, the Mexican Government is entitled to use a different social policy that supports a different balance between victims in Mexico and the interests of U.S. gun manufacturers that deliberately traffic their guns into this country.”

The Mexican Government is trying to go for a portion of the Defendants’ profits, on top of “damages…in a total to be decided by the courts.”

They also seek to get reimbursed for the “costs of the lawsuit, including reasonable legal fees, as given by law,” and seek payment for any other claims too.

This move by the globalist-controlled Mexican government directly aligns with Obama and Biden’s much supported idea of suing gun makers to restrict and limit American’s access to guns. While at the same time flooding the country with untraceable and un-vetted people, many of whom being possible gang members or even cartel associated criminals.

These hundreds of thousands of illegals are being allowed to flood through America’s southern border unhindered and even supported. Those people are then allowed into America’s interior even after having tested positive for coronavirus.

Author: Steven Sinclaire