Biden Exposed In Massive Corruption Scandal — Federal Probe Underway

A new report has said that Joe Biden might become the target of a new Federal Bureau of Investigation probe after it was revealed he shared a bank account with his controversial son, Hunter.

According to news outlet the Daily Mail, mentioning emails from Hunter’s laptop, the two Bidens had a shared bank account and took care of each other’s bills for many years. Some of these accounts are supposedly under an IRS and FBI probe over possible money laundering from Ukraine and China through Rosemont Seneca.

Also, Hunter’s emails reveal his business partner, Eric Schwerin, who was from Rosemont Seneca and working on then-VP Joe Biden’s taxes. Legal experts state that Biden should be investigated by a new special counsel.

“We have accounts paying both Joe and Hunter and money being reimbursed to Hunter from a person connected with a firm called Rosemont Seneca. Now, that is a company that was connected to payments from Russia and China,” said Professor Jonathan Turley from the George Washington Law School. “This is getting more serious. The issue is why the Justice Dept. has not considered the appointment of a new special counsel. We know there is a criminal investigation in the tax issues, potential money laundering.”

Joe Biden has previously said he never benefitted from Hunter’s business deals, however in these emails, Hunter complained that some of his money went to his father’s bills when he was in the White House as vice president.

The corruption within the Biden family is undeniable at this point. But with do-nothing Republicans pretending to be conservatives, there will likely be nothing done about this obvious evidence of wrong-doing.

Had this been Donald Trump and one of his sons, there would have already been an investigation with even many Republicans going along with the Democrats. Among them would certainly be Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney, the two most anti-trump Republicans around. But more than these two, you might also be surprised to see Republican Lindsey Graham among those supporting such an investigation.

With corrupt Joe Biden in the White House, anything can happen. Especially with Republicans playing interference for their establishment president.

Author: Scott Dowdy