Biden Family Decimated In New Poll

Sixty-eight percent of people want a special counsel to look into President Biden’s son, Hunter, according to a new TIPP survey.

The online poll asked the question: “Hunter Biden, and Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, are under investigation for financial issues. Do you agree with a special counsel being appointed to manage their cases separately from the Biden administration?”

The results speak for themselves.

  •  42% strongly agreed.
  •  26% somewhat agreed.
  •  7% somewhat disagreed.
  •  6% strongly disagreed.
  •  18% were not certain.

The survey also revealed that:

  •  85% of GOP members support a special counsel.
  •  65% of Dems support one.
  •  66% of independents also support the idea.

The poll surveyed 1,436 people. The margin of error was plus or minus 2.8 points.

Bill Barr, as he left his attorney general job in December said he saw “no reason” to appoint a special counsel to look into the Hunter Biden tax investigation.

Barr claimed the investigation was “being handled professionally and responsibly.”

“I do not see a reason for a special counsel and I have no intention of appointing one before I leave., he said.

Hunter Biden confirmed back in December he was being investigated.

“I learned yesterday that the U.S. attorney’s office has informed my attorney that they were investigating my taxes., he said in a message. “I take this issue very seriously and I am certain that an objective and professional review of these issues will demonstrate I handled my affairs appropriately, including with the aid of professional tax accountants and advisers.”

Author: Blake Ambrose

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