Biden Finally Makes Farmers a Priority: But There’s One Major Problem

Sean Hannity’s show this week had an exclusive with journalist Sara Carter who interviewed farmers that were angry at President Biden over his relief package that excludes whites from billions in debt relief.

The farmers called the package anti-white. Joe Biden signed the relief bill last week. The payments for farmers is based on racial criteria which the white farmers oppose.

“I was raised to only see a person’s character instead,” farmer Kelly Griggs told Sara Carter.

$4 billion is earmarked in the program to pay off up to 120% of Asian, black, Native American or Hispanic farmers’ debt. The loans will include “Commodity Credit Corporation farm storage loans, USDA Farm Service Agency direct farm loans and USDA guaranteed loans, among others.”

“If you go into a bank, they are not going to judge you by your race, they will look at your numbers on a piece of paper,” Griggs said.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) slammed the issue as “out-of-control liberals” slipping in a provision he bluntly called “reparations.”

And Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) said the provision was “unconstitutional” and said that Congress should pass debt forgiveness that doesn’t exclude white people.

“No proof of loss because of coronavirus is required to get this money. Only not being white,” Toomey said. “A white farmer, struggling to survive, is blocked from these funds because of his race. Is this what the Democrats imagine for ‘racial equity’?”

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