Biden Forced To Admit Trump Was Right About COVID

President Biden has ordered the country’s intelligence agencies on Wednesday to “double their efforts” to investigate the source of coronavirus, despite stopping a State Department investigation started by Trump with that same goal.

“I have requested that America’s intelligence agencies redouble their investigation into information that could help us reach a final conclusion, and report back within 90 days,” Biden said on Wednesday.

CNN reported earlier this week that Biden had shut down a State Department effort which was started by Mike Pompeo to look into the origin of coronavirus.

Pompeo had a strong reaction to the report, slamming Joe Biden for taking China’s side.

“Biden sides with China, the media and the WHO on the Wuhan virus—being a part of the ‘nothing to see here crowd’ by stopping the investigation I started,” he said. “This is not political. America must take the lead.”

President Biden said in his comment that the intel community had not come to a conclusion on the origin of covid being an animal or a lab accident.

He stressed that there were two “sides” to the intel. community. One leaning toward the animal theory and the other toward the lab leak theory.

Each reported “low to moderate confidence” he said, noting that the agents “do not think there is enough information to assess which one is more likely.”

Earlier this week, White House press secretary Jen Psaki seemed to suggest that an investigation done by the United States was not needed, arguing that White House was “hopeful” that the WHO would have better success investigating the issue.

Meanwhile, the WHO’s recent report said the lab leak theory was “extremely unlikely.”

Author: Blake Ambrose