Biden Funnels Cash To His “All Time Favorite Voters”

On October 28, The WSJ first reported that the Biden White House was thinking about payments of up to $450,000 per person in a lawsuit over the separation of families that illegally forced their way into the United States.

“The ACLU, which represents these families in one of their lawsuits, has identified around 5,500 children separated at the U.S. border during the Trump White House, citing figures given to it by the federal government,” the Journal said at the time.

“The amount of families eligible under the possible settlement is thought to be smaller, the people said, as government officials are not sure how many illegals will come forward. Around 940 claims have been filed so far by the families.”

“The overall possible payout might be $1 billion or greater.”

Those numbers were surprising enough that Biden said they were untrue last week. When a reporter asked about if the payouts could attract migrants wanting to illegally enter the U.S., Biden said, “If you guys keep spreading that garbage, yeah. But it is not true,” The WSJ reported.

“That will not happen,” Biden added, according to the transcript.

The White House quickly reversed this — or clarified if you will — Biden’s original comment.

On Thursday, White House deputy media secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stated what Biden “was reacting to was the dollar amount that was mentioned” when the question was given to him.

She said that, “if it saves American taxpayer dollars and puts the terrible history of the past administration’s use of family separation and zero tolerance behind us, the president is very comfortable with the Dept. of Justice settling with the people and families who are currently in litigation with the United States government.”

Then came during the White House media briefing on Friday, when Jean-Pierre was asked, “Why give taxpayer money to people who broke the law to get here?” She acted as if she did not understand the question, according to a White House transcript. However, she replied “one of the things we have to remember — why we are in this place that — where we are today is due to us having a former administration that had an immoral and inhumane policy that was taking babies from their families, from their moms.”

On Saturday, we saw Biden get angry again — but this time concerning the immigration-moves of the Trump White House.

When asked about where the lawsuit was, Joe Biden said his “garbage” remark was only about the amount and got heated when discussing the parent-child separations under Donald Trump at the United States border with Mexico, as reported by The Hill.

“Now here is the thing. If due to the outrageous behavior of the past White House, you coming over the border, whether it was illegal or not, you lost your child,” Biden said, wagging a finger and raising his voice.

“You deserve some compensation, no matter what circumstances existed. What that could be, I have no idea.”

Author: Scott Dowdy